Skeeters Peter Puffers

Reb and PGI Still in Business.

The phone number on the website was disconnected, proving that most porners trying to market via the internet have no fucking clue.

Janine Is Going To Marry Lexington Steele:

According to her it’s true love and has nothing to do with her former hubby (and father of her daughter) Jesse James being a bigot. Lex is tired of “being a slave to the white man” and will quit porn to move back to syracuse where he is an alumni. he will take a job there teaching on his new 40 acre plot of land, word is he got a mule too. No word on if the mule is embarrassed by the fact that Lex has a bigger dick.

Ed Powers To Get His Penis Molded:

Apparently Ed isn’t the only one who thinks his penis is perfect, word is that a major manufacturer of toys is going to mold it, when asked about it the HWMIC commented that they would save a lot on materials cuz it would only require about 25% of what others require.

From The Korean Dry Cleaner Anti Defamation League:

Honorable Mike South

We have obtained information from under cover operative at Disneyland that Aderra Titty pictures exist. Our man work on Sprash Mountain ride and tell us Aderra make it Frash Mountin. He say Head Round Eye in Charge at Digital Prayground named Jewn have picture he keep under his pirrow of Aderra doing Frash Mountain, we at KDCADL insist this round eye name Jewn turn over these pictures to honorable round eye Mike South to put on his worthy website.

Luke Ford Is Going to be a Meat Puppet:

Been wondering why he goes to the AIM clinic? Well I got the scoop! he is going to start performing in porn under the name Fuke Lord, according to my inside sources Luke searched the Torah and couldn’t find anything forbidding his being a meat puppet as long as he doesn’t shake their hands or anything while the girl is on her period. Luke is very picky about what he will and wont do though, He wont eat pussy even if if paid more (which is why he isn’t a real jew)

Scott Fayner and Taylor Rain Have Cleaned Up and are Going to Raise a Family Around the Church:

Inspired by the puppet in JimmyDs PSA Scott and Taylor are devoting their lives to the church, no more drugs, sex or rock and roll, from now on just good clean living.

Speaking of JimmyD He Ain’t Really Italian You Know

Truth is he is jewish, his real last name is Goldberg, DiGiorgio was made up one night while eating a Digiorno Pizza.

And Speaking of A-Dell:

She has been hired part time to do PR for Candidate Ralph Nader, he needs a good PR person and she can get him the cover of magazines like Front, Ice and Fridge, as long as he will pose with Jesse Jane.

Out Of The Closet:

Peter North, Julian, Jason Sechrest, Talon, and Nick Manning have all announced that they will live together under the same roof. Personally I see problems with this though they will all be fighting for the mirror.

Skeeters Peter Puffers

Skeeter has announced that he will do for gay porn just what he did for straight porn, takin it to the next level. Skeeters Peter Puffers will be in stores soon.


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Skeeters Peter Puffers

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