Bishop tells schoolkids that gay people exist because their mothers like anal sex

Neophytos Masouras, a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus, told a group of schoolchildren that gay people exist because their mothers had (and enjoyed) anal sex while they were pregnant.


PinkNews notes that

The clip went viral on social media in the country, with LGBT rights group ACCEPT asking: “How are lesbians created?”

Another commenter asked: “So, father, if the woman does oral, will the child become a dentist?”

Between the black attire and facial hair, at first I thought this was a story about an Italian widow.

It happens during the parents’ intercourse or pregnancy. It follows an abnormal/unnatural sexual act between the parents. To be more clear, anal sex.

Bishop Masouras continued, saying “[Saint Porfyrios (Bairaktaris) of Kafsokalivia] says that when the woman likes that, a desire is born, and then the desire is passed on to the child.”

Porfyrios was an Athonite hieromonk known for his gifts of spiritual discernment, a type of clairvoyance which he sometimes called “spiritual television.”

I guess Porfyrios must have been tuned into the Spice Network.

489630cookie-checkBishop tells schoolkids that gay people exist because their mothers like anal sex

Bishop tells schoolkids that gay people exist because their mothers like anal sex

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10 Responses

  1. A little Religion is good for kids to help teach them morals. Too much Religion and you become a fanatic and do terrible things like fly planes full or innocent people into buildings full of innocent people. This guy needs to go to a nursing home before someone gets hurt.

  2. “They say there’s just enough religion in the world to make men hate one another but not enough to make them love.” ~ Louis Cypher, “Angel Heart” (1987)

  3. XXX, I know if the lesbian in question is Lena Paul I will let her give me oral and will give her anal and vaginal anytime (Lena is supposedly married to Ivy LeBelle which would make her a lesbian even though she does some boy/girl professionally). If Bonnie Rotten were the lesbian in question I would say no thanks, though — I don’t screw stinky skanks (I concede that Bonnie is married to a guy so likely she isn’t a lesbian but I needed a concrete example).

  4. Is it just me or does this Greek Orthodox dude look like Tommy Chong in a fake beard…….?

  5. nice one XXXReporter
    “Are you an atheist, Mr. Angel?”
    “Yes, I am. I’m from Brooklyn!”

  6. Lots of great dialogue in Angel Heart.
    My favorite:

    Angel: Louis Cypher. Lucifer. Even your name is a dime store joke.

    Cypher: Mephistopheles is such a mouthful in Manhattan.

  7. As a dual citizenship holder, American-Dutch, I can safely point out that this article has NOTHING to do with the stated purpose of this site.

    It is 100% political activism.
    Left-wing, socialist, pro-Democratic Party activism.

    It may be because it receives funding from Brazzers Network (the MindGeek corp.), which has relocated to Canada and, now, pays taxes to Canada instead of its native USA.

    Real bad taste Mike South!

  8. I’m glad you took your finger out of the dyke long enough to comment. Please allow me to retort.

    First of all, you’re a moron.

    My politics, like the politics of this site’s (departed) founder, are libertarian, not left wing or socialist or democrat.

    Secondly, we don’t receive funding from Brazzers.

    Thirdly, Mindgeek and its predecessor companies were never, to my knowledge, American companies.

    Lastly, I don’t give a single solitary fuck about what you, an uninformed visitor, think the stated purpose of this site is, dutchie. This site dicusses sex, pornography, sex work, freedom of speech, censorship, personal liberty, and related legal and philosophical issues. We also enjoy a good laugh. My sole “purpose” is to post stories that I think the readers may enjoy. Don’t like it, don’t fucking read it.

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