Ray Guhn – All Duhn

I was pretty surprised when I saw that Ray Guhn and copped a guilty plea.

I had a chance to spend several hours with Andy Craft a few years ago when all of this came down. I had though Andy to be a nice guy that had gotten “squeezed” in a bad situation. He told me in a radio interview stories of his door being kicked in by a swat team while he was out of town and how his house was trashed — stories of harassment etc etc.

I thought it was quite horrible. Here was this guy  tha was a single dad that was the “office manager’ for the company that  was away on holiday when his housekeeper called him with the news of a front door kicked in.

Over the passing months I gave him what assistance I could and I still host the defense fund website on one of my servers –  A small contribution for freedom of speech cause.

Then I see that they all took a guilty plea and Ray could face 3-5 years in the state prison!

 Something just doesnt make sense to me. Jus a few weeks ago we had Max Hardcore fighting tooth and nail with his court case but these guys too a guilty plea?

I cant help but think we wont ever know the full story. Some say that Larry Walters [the law firm repping them] has a history of taking the easy way out.

Maybe we will get some more information at the sentencing. This entire case has been pretty odd with claims of “whores and guns.”.

Then there are those that are saying that this is a sad day for freedom of speech.

I dont agree because of what I know. I cant get over that these gays laid down and rolled over. At least Max put up a fight but then again maybe Max really believed his own hype.

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Ray Guhn – All Duhn

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