Eating Your Own

Amber Lynn and Bill Margold should be ashamed of themselves if this is true.

Over the last few weeks theres been a lot of spin within the industry for people to donate to the Henri Packard cancer fund.

Then I roll by Gene Ross place and I read this ….

Deloras Sullivan writes: Hello Gene, This thing is amazing! Amber Lynn and Bill Margold make more untrue statements concerning this picture “We Are The World”

Just to prove an inkling of what liars they are please check out this link,¤t=we-are-the-world-AVN-2PG-Ad.jpg and tell me, is this is not a box cover? This thing was made as per Ambers specs after the shoot and before July 1st.

In addition, on your site alone, I have found articles that have statements from both Bill and Amber about this “Henri Pachard Fund / Cancer Fund” that has solicited, collected, returned and rerouted monies sent, and/ or given to them on Ron Sullivan’s behalf!

Once more, there is no Henri Pachard Cancer Fund that belongs to or is associated with Ron Sullivan. These guys make this shit up as they go along! Can you say sociopath!

Please post this email on your site so that all who want to see the truth can. They may email me any responses pertaining this Farce! [email protected].

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.
Deloras Sullivan

You guys should be fucking ashamed of yourselves if your exploiting a man dying of throat cancer as a means of publicity and fund raising.

This information certainly makes me wonder about Bill’s involvement in the FSC questionable financial past as well.

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Eating Your Own

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