In the contest department:

Curious writes “Houston, did I win?”

Adella (My fantasy love slave) guesses “Tabitha or Jenna” then guesses ” Duh, Ron Jeremy”

Dave Cummings is pretty sure it’s Houston.

And Steve Siedeman guesses Jenna.

Lots of other have guessed Jenna and Houston and Ron Jeremy too.

Good guesses, wrong but all good guesses.

In case you missed it heres the question again:

What female porn performer has the MOST appearances during the Howard Stern TV Show? Think you know the answer? The FIRST email with the correct answer wins a one month free membership to this site.

Email me your answer

Curious writes:

Dear Mike,

It has come to my attention that you were directly involved in one of the more bizarre Howard Stern publicity stunts. Internet Adult Film Database lists you as the director of the infamous “Whack Pack Gangbang.” This was the orgy video that featured amoungst others: a drunken dwarf, a retard, and a fat doofus with a really high pitched voice. Can you give us some back story on that fateful day’s shoot?

Your In Christ,


Ummm yes that is true and don’t leave out Cancer Joe, he was there too and even prematurely ejaculated on the exact same sofa that Barbara Walters sat on when doing her Oscar Special last year. The girl was Alexandra Quinn and the whack pack was Hank the (now dead) angry, drunken dwarf, High Pitched Eric, Gary the Retard and Cancer Joe. The movie is actually funny as hell but I have no idea where to send you to buy it.

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In the contest department:

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