U K Based Performer Tests Positive For HIV

Details are sketchy at the moment but I got this:


I have been contacted today by an adult performer who has had a positive test for HIV.

This is a preliminary result and hopefully will prove to be a false alarm.

However until then the only sensible thing to do is NOT SHOOT anything that could present a risk to any parties.

The NHS clinic concerned will be contacting those who may be at risk on account of having worked with the person involved.

For clarification, I will NOT be naming the individual concerned, but it is not me.

If you email me seeking more information, your emails will probably be ignored. I do not know who the clinic will be contacting, I do not know who is at risk, and I do not have permission to say any more than I have done.

If you are worried as to your status, contact your local clinic for tests.

End of message.

No word at the moment if the performer has worked in the US or even who the performer is.


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U K Based Performer Tests Positive For HIV

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