Female filming content despite being HIV+ another Jaxton Wheeler sad chapter Again!

You may remember the name Jaxton Wheeler as the man who said unforgivable things to August Ames the night of her death by suicide.

Jaxton Wheeler Tweet to August Ames

Jaxton Wheeler has since gone on record as saying he didn’t regret saying what he did to August Ames on the night she committed suicide and that he would do it again. His new girlfriend is HIV positive. They are not disclosing her status of HIV+.


This man Jaxton Wheeler is a monster.

However, there is something else he needs to be known for,  that is his new girlfriend Lynsie Lee is HIV+,  she is not disclosing to those she shoots sexual content with that her status is HIV positive, while developing Sexually related content with multiple partners for various  OnlyFans accounts, her current HIV positive status is concealed, Perhaps not even in any sexual encounter on or off camera her status is disclosed.

Although she is on her medication, most days her levels are undetectable or near undetectable; she is, in fact HIV+ and is filming bareback while giving no disclosure whatsoever.

Most importantly, she is not sharing her positive status, potentially putting many others at risk.

From what I’m told, she sticks to a strict medical regimen of taking her meds religiously only prior to taking her STD test only if she is required to do so, only to ensure she passes that test, This pushes her levels down to undetectable or near undetectable levels. However, she isn’t always so strict with taking her medication at other times (according to those who know her well).

Jaxton Wheeler is intimate with her, after all, this is his girlfriend Lynsie Lee. Are they also having unprotected sex? I don’t know however, I do know she is shooting content bareback, and that’s not okay. It appears to be a material fact, she’s not revealing her HIV+ status, she isn’t likely tested from an approved platform such as TTS or CET at all times.

Let’s be clear here — Lynsie Lee shoots content with others, this is despite having unprotected sex on a regular basis. Yet here is someone who is HIV+.

I came across this story because she was at a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Many who she was company with at the party said she did not tell them she was HIV+. They only found out after the fact. Seemingly that Super Bowl party later became a content trade event.

Another person said they filmed content with her, and then Jaxton Wheeler told this person via text and conversation,  AFTER the fact that she was in fact, HIV positive!

I am providing this information as a warning to anyone else out there who does not want to put their own health and safety at risk as well as others. Make sure anyone you shoot content with does not, or has not worked with any of these two, Jaxon Wheeler or Lynsie Lee, in the recent past.

Jaxton Wheeler has proven time and time again, he cares about none other but himself.  Please don’t put yourself at risk by working with him or anyone he has been in contact within the past few months.

Both he and his girlfriend Lynsie Lee seemingly are not interested in discussing her status upfront at all.

If you are HIV+, you owe it to your sexual partners to disclose that fact. PERIOD.

If you don’t then, they cannot make an informed consent and without TRUE consent to its entirety,  then you have a potentially messy situation and a host of other problems.

Beyond that, please please please stop shooting content with anyone if they don’t have a valid test from an industry-approved testing facility such as CET and TTS.

UPDATE: Someone wrote in to share some more information –

Lynsie has been having regular unprotected sex and filming with Marcus London after they met at AVN 2019. There are multiple videos of her on his OnlyFans without condom and I know for a fact he has never seen a test from Lynsie.

674563cookie-checkFemale filming content despite being HIV+ another Jaxton Wheeler sad chapter Again!

Female filming content despite being HIV+ another Jaxton Wheeler sad chapter Again!

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4 Responses

  1. This past Super bowl Event of theirs could be a train wreck and shit show. No offense to train wrecks and shit .

  2. I had to think about this article a bit before commenting. I feel that if you have HIV (even undetectable) that you should legally and morally only be allowed to have penetrative or oral sexual activity with other HIV positive people — period! Any performer known to have had oral or penetrative sex with an HIV positive person while HIV negative should be suspended from the industry for six months and have to prove he is still HIV negative to re-enter the adult film industry as a performer. As for Jaxton Wheeler, he is the person primarily responsible for August Ames’ suicide so he should be banned from the industry permanently and his fucking HIV positive people should add to the reason to ban him. Jaxton Wheeler is the biggest asshole this industry has ever had — ranking just above Mr. Marcus passing out syphilis like it was dinner mints. I can almost guarantee that Jaxton is HIV positive now fucking that girl the number of times he has — even if he used a condom every time! I hope Jaxton treats her well and that they find HIV positive love together assuming he isn’t the same jackoff to her that he is to the rest of this industry.

    Regarding Lynsey, I am sorry that she is HIV positive and fucked for life as a result. However, you cannot have HIV and perform in this industry. It just isn’t safe.

  3. Ya’ll need to start naming names. Find out the name of every person she’s done content list and start a long ban list. This shit ain’t right.

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