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Yesterday I left Atlanta for Florida and about halfway down I realized that I had not taken care of something I should have taken care of. I needed to ask a favor and I did. The person who expertly got my task done gets a HUGE Thank You!, you know who you are and yer the best.

Gay Porn and HIV Testing:

In the recent hoopla about Mr Big being BAM a gay porn star (outed on rame months ago I might add) it has come out that most gay porn companies do not require HIV testing, assumeably because they shoot all condom scenes. Ok now correect me if I am wrong here but if an all condom hetero company like Wicked were to stop requiring HIV tests wouldn’t that throw AIM into a hissy fit? apparently the gay porn community doesn’t answer to the same entities that the straight porn community does.

The FSC has sure been quiet:

With rumors of the funding close to having disappeared and all we haven’t heard much from the Free Screech Cabal. Now being the kinda guy I am I am going to actually go out on a limb here and offer the FSC some really good advice. If the funding for the FSC HAD been pulled, what could have saved them? The TALENT, the very people that at best they only give lip service to. If I were in the FSC and I wanted to become more self sufficient I would find some ways to give talent a good reason to pony up 50 bucks a year or whatever to join your organisation, and lip service aint gonna do it. Actually give them something of value for that money, your purposes however noble YOU may deem them to be have no value to the talent.

Things That Make ya Say Hmmmm:

Did I read correctly that AIM reports your testing results to the Los Angeles County Board of Health? Some where in a little file in Washington…….

What is with all the gay guys coming to straight porn anyhow….I thought they made more money in gay porn.

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