The Truth about Pizzagate

This post has been redacted.


A note to my authors: While I generally don’t have a problem with controversy this post went too far for me, for one it made allegations of horrific felonies that are nothing more than speculations.  If indictments come down on the people mentioned here I will revisit, otherwise I prefer NOT to have this posted.  It opens the door to legal issues that are the last thing I need to deal with at this time.

Lets keep things more industry related and don’t accuse anyone of a felony that they have not been convicted of.


Thanks Y’all



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The Truth about Pizzagate

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25 Responses

  1. Hmmm….. no mention of Terry Bean in the emails? One day he’s getting personal TY from Obama for his outstanding fundraising efforts, the next indicted for filming underage and ‘of age’ encounters in his bedroom without consent.

  2. So now we’re posting Alex Jones conspiracy shit. What the fuck? I love ya Mike but this is an all-time low. Tinfoil hat shit?

  3. I come to this site for industry news(From Mike South) not for conspiracy bullshit(From Michael Payne). Indulging fake news will hurt the credibility of you(Mike South) and your website. This article not only disgusts me but could damage your(Mike South’s) professional reputation in regards to other legal matters. I am always so excited to get the notifications of new articles, but this is the second time this asshole Michael Payne has posted articles that I find offensive and I if this story stands as well as his ability to post here, I’m out for good.

  4. Mike South: You are family, you are my brother, and I love you. I’ve always supported you 100%. You also know that I’m an advocate of free speech, muckraking, and outlaw journalism. But the paranoid bullshit, the absolute malarkey, that this Michael Payne is posting on your website is embarrassing and, in my opinion, has no place here. It has no basis in reality, it is poorly written, and it demeans the entire forum. Continuing to give this idiot a public outlet for his madness will wind up costing you readers. (Just my two cents, brother)

  5. He can’t even generate traffic with this crap on his own site so he post here.

    Can’t even be original & is copy/pasting stuff from infowars. He isn’t even writing his own conspiracy theories. Can’t call himself a writer but a sad & pathetic copier of fake news.

    This fake news put real people’s lives in jeopardy. Really Mike South do you want to be a platform for that?

    Nor does it have a single thing to do with the adult industry.

  6. I generally support my writers 100% But I have to admit that this is not what I want to get into here. I don’t mind controversy, after all the site is somewhat based on it, but Im gonna redact this one.
    Thanks to my supporters, and nothing against you Michael Payne but this ones way out there, I try not to make accusations that aren’t based on at the very least an indictment.

  7. @Mike South,

    I understand you’re going through a legal conflict at this time and don’t need any more drama, and I didn’t mean to cause you any drama. I published this article on my web site and sent it to a few other outlets as well. The reason I chose to post it here too was because I believe sometimes we need to discuss an issue on as many platforms as possible and bring it to light regardless of how disturbing the issue is. I based my argument on actual, physical evidence, not accusations and speculations, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for some people and if/when an issue is too disturbing, they just prefer to deny it categorically and entirely. That’s fine with me, every reader has the right to agree or disagree with my argument for any reason, and Mike my friend, you have every right to redact this article from your web site. I hope my next piece for would be less disturbing and more entertaining. 😉

    I wish you resolve your legal conflict and have the peace of mind you deserve. Good luck and Godspeed.

  8. Well MP , I think you should be allowed to say this stuff on your site. However, Mike is getting sued for something here. Your post and “theory” is way out there (I am sure you can understand that) and is really not the type of heat Mike needs right now. Someone could go after him for this or it could cost him a lot of readers.

  9. @Mr. Payne
    I saw links to “mom’s basement” news sites like 3 days ago saying pretty much everything you had in yours. One of the sites was CNV or something along those lines. What you write are not “your” writings. You regurgitate things almost word for word that morons I know say because they read the same sites and post the same links. Do some investigation. Don’t read websites and then just rewrite it. Don’t be a cuck or whatever it is.

    This post was waaaay out there. Why waste your time when forced-teen trannyism is out of control in our country and once they transition with robot features we will be forced to fight off cyborg trannies. We’re gonna lose our bathrooms to robots! This is a big deal.

  10. @JoeSchmoe,

    I assure you that I had no intention to cause Mike South any trouble by posting an article on his web site, I know Mike has enough on his plate. As I mentioned in my previous comment, my goal was to discuss this story on as many platforms as possible. You are correct about the Pizzagate story being “way out there”, that’s what usually happens with this kind of stuff, it’s the snow ball effect, the story echoes throughout the internet chambers and takes on a life of its own. At the end of the day, everybody has a “theory”, but nobody knows the real truth. However, just because some people dilute a story by adding their weird gossip to it, that doesn’t mean the story itself has no merits. As for Pizzagate, I don’t know the real truth, but based on enough actual, physical evidence, I’m personally convinced there is something going on, that was my argument in this article.

    On the other hand, there are some stories that are completely made up without any merit, like for instance the story that claims Sandy Hook massacre never happened, or the story that suggests Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag attack orchestrated by the US government, or the story of NATO dropping a nuclear bomb on Ukraine. Those stories are flat out fabrications and I’ve done my part to debunk and refute them, here is an example:

    Pizzagate is a dark, disturbing and despicable story, but you don’t shy away from a story because it’s disturbing, just like you don’t shy away from treating cancer because the treatment is difficult. You discuss the disturbing story, bring it to light and raise awareness, just like you seek treatment for cancer.

    Just my two cents.

  11. @CPanzram,

    Good to see you too comrade, how have you been? Let’s see, you’re a little late to this dance, no? I mean did you actually read the article before it was taken down, or you’re just assuming you saw the same thing I wrote 3 days ago on CNV? By the way, what’s CNV? If the memory serves well, we had a similar conversation on this web site two years ago when you put the “ass” in “assumption” and assumed you’ve seen the replica of my article elsewhere. So I’ll ask you now what I asked you then: Provide proof, post a link to what you claim you saw and I promise I’ll literally eat my words. I’ll print out my article, eat the papers on camera and post the video here. Come on Panz, you know you wanna see me doing that.

    As for politically correct obese tranny robots, you just wait, they’re the topic of an upcoming article. Stay tuned, I won’t disappoint you. 😉

    Good night Pants, sweet dreams.

  12. I know you weren’t commenting about me, Michael (Payne), but the comment about “politically correct obese tranny robots” just made my day. I haven’t ever seen robots with dicks before. How many years before we see them taking orders in McDonald’s, dicks at full salute and in full view?

    Oh, BTW Mike (South), Sean is at it again “reporting” on the lawsuit. I don’t have the balls to actually go onto TRPWL but I found two links yesterday in a forum where the comment posted along with them (if accurate) makes it sound like he is out in left field with his reporting. One comment that sticks in my mind is that another poster surmised (paraphrased) that you were trying to negotiate with Dwight to turn over the URL of this site over to him in order to settle the lawsuit (we all know that is false but may be evidence in the lawsuit). I will send you a link via e-mail, I am uncomfortable posting the link as I don’t want to make Dwight’s life any easier, make his attorneys get the info themselves instead of me handing it to them on a silver (web-plated) platter here (he can read this site just as well as the rest of us).

  13. I got a kick out of the Alana Evans Criminal Mastermind story…

    Bootleg Corn Chips? Is that even a thing?

  14. I agree with mike South’s reasons for taking this article down. However, I read your article Michael Payne, which the contents are quite shocking and very disturbing and I read all the comments in the comment section. When writing on such topics, you will find you will reach a huge wall of cognitive dissonance with people and rightly so, its like a psychological defense mechanism. ”Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance, as well as actively avoid situations and information likely to increase it.” – Wikipedia. There are thousands of people whom are reporting government experimentation of individuals without knowledge and consent, the targeting and torture of individuals, satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice, mind control experimentation, slavery and human trafficking in elite circles. Despite thousands of personal claims and evidence coming to the light, the big wall of cognitive dissonance is what keeps it occult-ed and hidden in plain sight. Despite what people say to you, whether they try and discredit you as a writer, or call you all names under the sun, I just want you to remember the huge wall of cognitive dissonance, the psychological defense mechanism, its much easier for people to deny a truth that is right in front on their faces especially when it is an uncomfortable truth. when people are drawn to an ugly truth they will flat out deny its existence as a means of self protection and self preservation. It doesn’t surprise me such topics are being suppressed and denied and now with the whole fake news censorship, its much easier to categorize and label truths that are coming to light as ‘fake news’ just like the ones that are in search of the truth are categorized and labelled ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a means and way of discrediting, marginalizing, and degrading those that dare to search for the horrific truths that are hidden in plain sight. You will be labelled and categorized as ‘conspiracy theorist’ and your articles labelled and categorized as ‘fake news.’ The establishment wants to categorize and marginalize people like you who dare to seek the truth in matters which concerns those in high positions of authority, and with cognitive dissonance at a high in the psyches of individuals whom don’t want to consider such truths happening in reality, they will flat out deny what you are saying and will discredit you, and marginalize you too. The comment you wrote explains your stance beautifully, ”Pizza-gate is a dark, disturbing and despicable story, but you don’t shy away from a story because it’s disturbing, just like you don’t shy away from treating cancer because the treatment is difficult. You discuss the disturbing story, bring it to light and raise awareness, just like you seek treatment for cancer.”

  15. @MHarris127,

    You wish the robots were coming to our neighborhood McDonald’s, but it’s worse than that, they’re coming to our bedrooms. You’ll know what I mean when you read the next article.

  16. @Leeloo,

    Thank you for your kind words and support. You’re spot on about the cognitive dissonance, sometimes when the information is too disturbing and shocking, many people choose to shut down their mind and blatantly deny the information and attack the messenger. I guess we’re only human after all.

  17. Michael (Payne), I don’t want a tranny robot in my bedroom but if they keep the house clean and cook meals (like that robot on the Jetsons years ago) I might buy one for that and give it one of those pocket pussies to get off with. The robot will have to sleep in its own bedroom, though — I only sleep with cute, nubile human women. 🙂

  18. @mpayne

    Everything has a time and place come to mind. People saying soap doesn’t belong in the same grocery bag as cheese or fruit aren’t attacking the bagger…simply stating it’s not a good combo. No one doubts the bagger would prefer not hearing or learning that lesson on the job in public.

    FWIW your oft stated goal of facilitating discussion on as many platforms as possible seems to have crossed the line into the realm of SJW here. Given your responses to criticisms you deemed SJW the grief you’re getting is much more respectful in comparison.

    MikeSouth dot com is place where it’s okay to be a square peg who has no desire or inclination to fit into a round hole. (no pun intended) I think a lot of the pushback you get is because the only time you interact with people on this forum is your own posts.

    As a square peg who sees porn performance as a workplace absolutely distinct from worker’s (private) bedrooms my early days were pretty rocky. Over time things have changed from disagreeable disagreements to recognizing the right of people to choose the side of the fence they prefer…respect. Respect is easier to recognize on this forum if you separate it from agreement, admiration or expectations of party invites.

    You’re putting the cart ahead the horse…expecting discussion is all well and fine. Expecting a discussion that treats you as the honored speaker on the dais is another. I hope you’ll consider my two cents in the spirit it was intended.

  19. @LurkingReader,

    You’re right in your assertion, because of the nature of my articles, I usually get a lot of push back not just on but every where I publish an article including my own web site. As a matter of fact, that’s why I don’t accept any comments on my web site, because for every two positive complements, there are ten negative rants and I don’t have the time and energy to get into a pissing contest on cyber space every day. However, I don’t mind the push back and criticism, if an issue concerns me, I write about it an share my thoughts on it and I will always find the intended audience, people like you who are intelligent, open minded and respectful. I don’t care about naysayers.

    As for SJWs, they’re a minority, a shadow of a shadow, they’ve just got big mouths. That’s right, SJWs are ignorant, loud, obese and obnoxious morons who think if they scream their guts off the world will bend over and give in to their every pathetic demand. Well guess what, that doesn’t happen. They think they matter, that they’re relevant, but they don’t, they aren’t, that’s why they almost always fail in their endeavors.

  20. Today in the news:

    The man who fired a rifle inside a Washington, DC restaurant in early December, in pursuit of a bogus claim that children were endangered, was charged Tuesday with violating a federal gun law.

    Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, of Salisbury, North Carolina, appeared briefly in federal court to face the charges. The judge set a detention hearing for Friday.

    According to court documents, Welch had been contemplating a trip to the restaurant for at least three days, after reading and viewing claims that Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant, was the center of sex-trafficking ring with connections to influential Democrats.

    Washington, D.C. police and the FBI have said the claims are totally false.

    Investigators say Welch texted a friend that he was considering “raiding a pedo ring, possibly sacraficing the lives of a few for the lives of the many.”

    In the same text, according to court documents, he wrote, “The world is too afraid to act and I’m too stubborn not to.”

    Police say Welch drove to Washington on December 4 and entered the restaurant carrying an AR-15 rifle and a handgun, alarming customers and employees who ran out in fear. Investigators say he fired several rounds trying to blast open the door to a locked room which he later learned was unoccupied.

    Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, of Salisbury, North Carolina who fired a rifle inside a Washington, DC restaurant in early December, in pursuit of a bogus claim that children were endangered, was charged Tuesday with violating a federal gun law. Art Lien / NBC News
    Police say after he was arrested, Welch told them that he walked out of the restaurant and surrendered, leaving the guns behind, when he found no evidence of child sex trafficking.

    The federal charge carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.

    In an interview with the Washington Post, Welch’s parents said he is a loving, responsible, and affectionate father to two young girls.

    Harry and Terri Welch told the paper that their son was traumatized in early October when he hit a 13-year-old boy while driving to work. No charges were filed in the accident. The boy had broken bones and a head injury.

    During Tuesday’s brief court hearing, Welch told the judge he had no job. He was assigned a public defender.

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