Another Day in the Life of a Pornographer

An interesting thing about the business of porn is that you’ll get to meet some of the most bizarre, fascinating and twisted individuals in an upside down world which cannot be measured based on the common definitions of loyalty, rationale and sanity. Case in point example is “the suit case pimp”, the street slang for boyfriends/husbands of porn starlets, some of whom accompany their significant others to porn sets and watch them getting fucked by total strangers. Think about it: Under everyday circumstances, if a stranger hits on a woman in a bar, restaurant or shopping mall in the presence of her husband, that could instigate a fight in which someone would end up in the hospital with a broken jaw and someone else could land in jail, while when it comes to porn, a man will escort his wife to a set and shakes hand with the guy who is about to fuck her in front of him and the rolling camera. What do you make of that? If you’re scratching your head trying to figure this out, then I’ll say to you:

“Welcome to the club, it’s porn, dammit, don’t think about it too much.”       

Over the years, I had some incredible experiences in my dealings with different types of suit case pimps. One time, a MILF asked me if I was interested in shooting a DP (double penetration) scene with her and her cop husband. She said: “My hubby is a cop, but loves to perform in porn scenes on the side as long as his face is not being shown.” Trying to sweeten the deal, she added: “He’d work for $200 a pop, and can even wear his uniform in the scene.” Thankfully, there was no gun pointed to my head, and I could respectfully decline her delicate offer.

Another time, I called this agency to book a relatively new comer for an anal scene. At this particular agency, several people work besides the main agent, and you usually deal with one of these people instead of the boss agent. The secretary put me on the phone with this guy, and I told him who I wanted to book. “What’s your budget for this shoot, Mr. Payne?” He asked me. I said $1000. “I’m afraid that’s too low.” He replied. “I won’t be able to book her for less than $1500”. I said: “I’m offering a new comer an industry standard rate. Even girls who have been around for a while and have established themselves as starlets don’t charge $1500, at best, they would demand $1200.” I continued: “Just contact her and ask if she wants to make $1000 a day or would she prefer to stay at home all day long.” He insisted: “I’m sorry, but I cannot do that. However, if you’re looking for a more inexpensive model, I can recommend someone else and you can look up her profile right now if you’re in front of your computer.” The “inexpensive” model that he recommended was too trailer trash looking and had too many tattoos, therefore I declined his generous offer. A few days later, I found out she was the guy’s wife, and he’s been pulling the same trick on other producers too. Several girls lost income because this guy was trying to cut corners and cash in on his wife. When the boss agent found out what he was doing, he fired both of them.

However, my most bizarre encounter with a suit case pimp was when a girl came to my set with her hulking husband. This guy was like a wall of human meat, 6 foot high, weighting at least 250 pounds, he looked like a wrestler. Before the shooting, he pulled me aside and asked me: “My wife is hot, isn’t she?” I could see lust in his eyes. “She’s great looking.” I replied. “He whispered: “I love watching her getting fucked.” I smiled and nodded my head yes, I couldn’t think of anything to say to him. The camera started rolling, and while we were in the middle of shooting the blow job portion of the scene, he pulled his pants down and started jerking off. I told the camera man to stop filming, then talked to the guy and explained that I need to focus and can’t shoot the scene under these circumstances. I asked him to go outside and hang out in the BBQ bar and grill across the street and get something to drink. Although disappointed that he couldn’t watch his wife getting fucked, but he agreed to leave and we resumed shooting. After the scene was finished, I called and told him he could come back. When he arrived, the girl was taking a shower. He walked right to me, stared me in the eye and asked with a menacing voice: “ You fucked my wife? Did you fuck her?” I couldn’t figure out what was going on in guy’s head and what I have gotten myself into with him, but I knew he could knock the living crap out of me and smash and wreck the whole place in an instant. I calmly said: “We shot the scene.” “Was she good?” He asked, this time in a more controlled manner. “Did you like her?” I said: “She’s a great performer.” He reacted as if that was the best compliment I could give him. “Right on man, right on.” He said while padding me on the back. “By the way, I’ve got something for you.” He then took a receipt out of his pocket and handed to me. I asked what is this? He replied: “It’s my tab, you told me to go to the bar and hang out which I did, and you have to reimburse me.” I thought he’s a reasonable man for his size, I just fucked his wife and he didn’t even get the chance to jerk off to that, and now all he wants is to be reimbursed for his bar tab. I paid him, we shook hands, they left, and I realized I just dodged a shotgun bullet.

That’s the nature of the beast called porn. You see, porn is like a box of chocolate, sometimes you get caramel and peanut butter, and sometimes you get a rotten piece of candy that feels like a punch in the gut.


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Another Day in the Life of a Pornographer

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  1. The vast majority of porn fans do not like girls with lots of tattoos (a couple small ones are ok). A girl enters the business to make money with her body so they should take care of their body. Yet many girls in porn fill their bodies with ink and they find themselves in a fetish subcatergory (goth) probably making less money and work then they could have been if they kept their bodies relatively clean of tattoos.

  2. Liking these stories.

    You should never let a girl bring anyone to set man. I’d tell the girl he’s got to leave as soon as they arrived. Either that or she can leave. YOU PAID HIS BAR TAB?! People in the business really need to crack down on the nonsense with these girls. Porn boyfriends are the most useless creatures on the planet. The guy wasn’t entitled to watch you fuck his girlfriend..just as she isnt entitled to ride around with him in his squad car. The guy isn’t to be felt sorry for because you fucked his girlfriend…thats her fucking job. The fact that he showed up on set at all, can at least be punished by having him lose money over it at the bar.

  3. Pretty good article Mr. Payne. Why is it that all these porn boyfriend and or husbands want to go to porn sets and jerk off while they’re girl is getting fucked by some guy? that is some really creepy shit.

  4. I love peanut and carmel candy. Another fabulous Mike South article.
    Keep this guys around Mr. South his articles are hell of a lot better
    than Rob Black and that dork over at the retarded porn wikki
    Have a great weekend and lets pop some pills and drink like fish.

  5. I got to agree with that clown face dude in the first comment. The girls today all look like tattooed white trash and Mexican border jumpers from TJ out of the whore part of TJ. Porn sure has gone down the
    shitter and needs to get flushed out to the Mexican gulf, like fast.

    Thanks for another good article Mr. Mike and Mike. Have a good weekend.

  6. Michael Payne’s great stories!
    I wish you would shoot a scene with
    me and Christina “pegging” me for your
    productions. It would really be a seller and
    I love getting pegged. I am a porn industry stalker
    and a guy with little man syndrome with a big mouth
    that loves to deep throat.
    Have a good weekend. Its very hot here in Henderson today.

  7. Christina Parreira will toss your salad for five bucks if you’re Jewish.

  8. Speaking of porn tke a look at some of Tanner Mayes tweets yesterday:

    I know you’ve all been worried about what was going on with me when i thought that dude name steve was trying to kill me but….

    I tried to kill my parents…. cuz I believed they were trying to hold me back from the rap game or any future I may have, so yeah… BUT

    I did the crime…. two attempted murders. One year in jail. HAHAHA my city feels me they aint gonna send me to prison. They c what Im on.

    Plus they see these bars I write are fucking up more than 3 xanax bars. Tunechi said it…. I aint worried bout nothin. And heres Y…

    wait they’re fucking u up more than 29949 xanax bars hahaha but Guess What….

    After all the shit I talked about @DaBoi_Lo this mother fucker loves God so much he’s still gonna let me in his studio. Y’all Love That Dude

    I been practicing and the raps I wrote on here are totally retarded but wait til I make this CD I STG I’m so hard it should b illegal #dope

    Sept 25 2014 doors open at 8pm for a big party and I’m hosting4Da rappers. 18+ Only Please. 1106 w. Lawrence Chicago Illinois 60640. Hit it

    Does anyone else feel like they are not a product of this earth…. they’re building life on mars? I’m too fly for that too. Jtlyk

  9. “I been practicing and the raps I wrote on here are totally retarded but wait til I make this CD I STG I’m so hard it should b illegal #dope”

    You know things in porn have to be bad when a career in rap seems more likely than shooting scenes. Rapping would pay less.

    Here is another timeless classic from her twitter:

    “Crystal meth sucks. I’m in recovery. My timeline won’t heal!”

  10. Her meltdown video on the porn set barking over her missing cell phone was a riot too.

  11. I think the huge suitcase pimp jerkoff may have been Marshall Patton, aka Mr. Ashlyn Gere. Just don’t say that to his face.

  12. He and Ms. Gere now own a Molly Maid franchise down in Texas. Its interesting to see photos of her, looking a little matronly, with her hair pulled back, glasses, and the Molly Maid blue work slacks and button down shirt. But kudos for starting a second career.

  13. It’s weird, a friend of mine lives in Texas and one day he calls me up and says his fiancee’s cousin is a porn star and just moved here from Vegas. Yep, our dear Mrs. Gere lol.

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