Americanism Not Globalism: The Case for the Donald Trump Presidency


In early hours of November 9, 2016, after the most bitter, brutal and twisted presidential race in recent history, Donald J. Trump was declared 45th elected President of the United States of America. During the 18 months of his unconventional and unorthodox campaign which he financed by his own money and donations from working class Americans, he faced off against many opponents and eventually managed to defeat Hillary Clinton whose sophisticated campaign was supported by almost every major bank, corporation and main stream media outlet. Carrying a 1.3 billion dollar price tag, Clinton’s campaign was the most expensive presidential campaign ever. Among the long list of Clinton donors, the infamous and subversive billionaire George Soros sits on the top of the list with a hefty 10.5 million dollar pay out. Understandably, the power players were eager to hand over the White House’s key to their long time pawn Clinton. Her presidency would have provided the perfect cover for their sinister operations that were aimed to transform America. Under a President Clinton, censorship would have become rampant, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which allows citizens to own weapons would have been abolished, and America’s sovereignty would have been transferred to the corporate elite. The stakes could not be higher. Fortunately many people realized the urgency and their vast participation in the election frightened the powers that be and prevented them from committing fraud and interfering in the election outcome.

The billionaire celebrity Donald Trump may not be the perfect choice, but he’s independent and not a part of the status-quo. He has no political background, but he’s nowhere near as corrupt as Clinton and unlike Clinton, he has never participated in staging violent revolutions in foreign countries and waging proxy wars. He appeared on the stage with a simple and straight forward message: “Make America great again.” His message resonated with millions of people, and the rest is history.

Perhaps Trump won’t be able to make good on all of his ambitious campaign promises, but the most important thing is that he steered America away from the ominous fate chosen by the corporate globalist elite who were represented by Hillary Clinton. For that, he deserves credit.

I acknowledge the fact that many people are terrified of prospect of the Trump presidency, they afraid of racial profiling, suppression of women’s rights, repeal of gay marriage, etc. However, most of such fears are baseless, embedded in their minds by constant toxic main stream propaganda. If you do a research, you’ll realize that Trump has a liberal view when it comes to social issues, and I can tell you with a good amount of certainty that under his presidency, people won’t be rounded up randomly and loaded into deportation buses based on the color of their skin, abortion won’t be prohibited, and gay marriage won’t be repealed. Turn off CNN and you’ll be fine. I hope this provides you with some peace of mind.

So the $64,000 question is: Besides hopes of economic prosperity and secure borders, what other factors played a rule in Trump’s success? To answer that question, we must analyze Trump supporters or as Trump calls them “the silent majority”, the middle class, the working class, ordinary people who are invested in family values, traditions, a sense of patriotism and religious belief. People who for a long time were ignored, oppressed and ridiculed by the elitist establishment and their media outlets. Allow me to be clear:

– When you force people into accepting your definition of issues such as homosexuality and brutally harass, threaten, prosecute and punish those who disagree with you,

– When 65 year old Bruce Jenner, the former Decathlon Olympic Champion and biological father of six children dresses as a woman and you put his picture on the cover of magazines and declare him  “woman of the year” and demand everybody to accept and celebrate that,

– When you blatantly deny the fact that men and women are fundamentally different and instead promote third wave feminism and a false perception of equality and encourage women to be unattractive, obese and obnoxious,

– When you deny the truth that Islam is a barbaric ideology based on hatred, hypocrisy, intolerance, murder, rape and theft and insist it’s “the religion of peace” and flood Western countries with Muslim  migrants and refugees, many of which have no proper identification document, many of which are military aged single men, and many of which commit acts of terrorism, murder, rape, etc.

– When you tirelessly pursue a strategy to dumb down the populace, institutionalize poverty and keep people “unaware and compliant” so that your position in power remains secured,

That’s when people push back and support a man who they believe respects their traditions and values, freedom of expression and religious liberties, a man who doesn’t shy away from confronting Islam as a terrorist ideology, a man who is not bound and chained by special corporate interests, cowardice, cuckoldry, deceit and political correctness, a man like Donald Trump. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The presidential election is over, the silent majority has spoken. We can heal the wounds of division, practice to respect each other’s opinions even if we disagree with one another, unite and work together to build a better country, or we can remain divided at each other’s throats and stir up the flames of civil war. The choice is ours.      



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Americanism Not Globalism: The Case for the Donald Trump Presidency

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76 Responses

  1. He is appointing his grown children positions in gov & run his biz. How is that not a conflict of interest & pay for play? Which also makes that Blind Trust even more of a joke.

    Bannon is the alt right aka KKK

    He put a man who speaks at KKK rallies in charge of Immigration.

    Thiel wants a position in Trumps Cabinet & he hates gays & thinks the right to vote should be taken away from women.

    Then there is all the hate crimes especially against women of all colors that have been on the rise since he was elected. White kids telling everyone who does not look like them to get to the back of the bus in schools across America.

    Penn State had lynching threats sent out to all the black students.

    Oregan state has white students taking selfies in Black face.

    Women who are alone have groups of men shouting “Grab her pussy”

    You lead by example, this is the example Trump set.

    When you say middle America was forced to deal with gays & prosecuted for discrimination which you found illegal. Once upon they said the same thing about blacks. How dare the gov force white kids to go to school with black kids.

    Want to know how Trump will bring back jobs? Deport all the Mexicans & Muslims, there will be plenty of jobs then. Not for one minute do I believe that they will check documentations of legal status. Freedom of Religion. What happens when you take away ONE of these Freedoms, the rest will disappear too. I have known plenty of Muslims for decades, none of them are violent or terrorist. They are business owners, they have families.

    Mike you love to fish. He wants to get rid of the EPA. Have you forgotten how many lakes & rivers were toxic in the 80s that had to be cleaned up and the EPA stop manufactures from toxic dumping.

    Both Mexico & China have major problems with pollution. I remember when California had a major problem with it too.

    Russia came out just two days ago and admitted that they helped him win. That his team went over there for meetings & they were in constant contact with Trump over the phone.

    Good morning Comrade.

    Not for one minute do I think the Ruddy wont come hard after the porn industry. Trump has openly admitted he wants to go after Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

  2. In Germany they demonized the Jewish religion. Then they relocated them and took their businesses. We all know what happened next.

    Kareem Abhul-Jabbar is an American & Muslim, Born in New York. You want him deported?

    Muhammid Ali and his whole family are Muslim. Do you want his family deported?

    What do you think with should do with the LBGTQ, round them up & force them to live in just one area? I’ve done plenty of lesbian scenes, have been in a relationship with women. Do I scare you?

    There is no rationalization of hate.

  3. I am one of those OBESE OBNOXIOUS females. So only skinny pretty women who obey men are allowed in this country.

    You invited me to be a writer for this blog, now that statement says different.

    You want limits on Freedom of Speech. Find this shocking! That pity of worry & fear grows when I see people like you making such statements.

    Hoping I read what you wrote wrong, keep reading it over & over again. But those words are what stand out to me, they are the slipper slope to doing away with Civil Rights and turning this country into Russia or Nazi Germany.

  4. Americanism not Globalism

    I do NOT operate an American biz, nope my sales comes from all around the world.

    Last night on cam during my VNALive show I had men who were from all around the world including soldiers in Iraq who watched as a group. If is was just for those who are in the U.S. they would not have been able to watch.

    Mike do you ONLY sell your product to American’s? Did you make sure your billing company is strictly American and doesn’t do biz in other countries too.

    Porno Dan is in Europe filming girls who are NOT American, do you think he is a traitor?

  5. Mike, I did not see the authors name. In that I do apologize to you. It is his Freedom of speech & has every right to it.

    But I don’t see you disagreeing with him. So it is your opinion too?

  6. San you dont owe me any apologies….I like to promote diverse opinions here when I can, it isn’t often enough people disagree with me but when they do, I give em a voice, specially when they are in this industry…and Michael Payne IS. You ideas are every bit as welcome as his, there is no question that you know how to write, as does Michael. While I disagree with his somewhat dystopian view on gender issues I think his points about President Elect Trump have some merit. Trump has long been closely allied with Democrats on many issues….I have a feeling that Obamacare under Trump will become Universal health care possibly paid for with a VAT…you don’t get more Democratic than that…Why do I say this….before he ran for President Trump claimed several times that Obamacare wouldn’t work because it wasn’t universal….and he was right…..One thing for sure….I think we may finally get the change we have been wanting

  7. Mike, I and quite a few other people have thought that that text was written by you… Until Sam’s post. We aren’t used to other people posting articles on your site yet. You may want to ad to the title, Editorial by our most fearful and bigoted contributor “Michael Payne” or just Editorial by Michael Payne if you prefer. Either way, our very progressive industry is getting the misconception that this is your opinion, not his.

    Sam38g, Love all your replies here and elsewhere on this site. Thank You!

  8. I can say that Mike (South) likely doesn’t agree with many of Michael Payne’s opinions. However, I agree with Mike (South) that people should be able to express their opinions even when they disagree with him. I am evidence of that, I have disagreed with him very strongly over Prop. 60 recently and a few other things over the years and haven’t been bounced from this blog even once or even warned about my comments. Sam, I think you should write a full response to Michael (Payne)’s article. I have suggested in the recent past that Mike (South) give you a journalist’s login to this site so you can do that, he has done so for many in the past including Brandon Iron, Shawna Lenee, Kayden Kross, Lacey Blake, Julie Meadows, Michael Payne and at least a few more (I especially look forward to reading Brandon’s articles when he gets a chance to start writing them).

  9. If we are going to place value of a persons opinion & equality upon looks then TRUMP would be a Zero.
    He isn’t white but Orange
    He is Obese
    He is old
    His Hair
    Great this means he is totally disqualified from running America.

    Trump is not bought & paid for by other corporations he is by his OWN! Trump is giving 3 of his grown kids positions in the gov & running of Trump INTERNATIONAL! Where is the outrage on pay for play there? Where is the outrage that isn’t a Blind Trust?

    It is a complete conflict of interest. HIS corporation is the one that will benefit. His businesses in other countries make it a complete conflict of interest.
    Russia has publicly admitted they helped him win this election. Nobody seems to have an issue with that. WTF
    Thank you -AmDazed

  10. How much money in the porn industry is made off of Ts, Lesbian & gay porn?
    Remove all the Ts, Females & gay men from the industry then you no longer have an industry. Since we are all to be feared & found to be less in the OP opinion. How can he make money in this biz without us?
    Take away or limit in any capacity Freedom of Speech- the very Freedom Larry Flynt fought the U.S. Gov and won on.

    Is a betrayal to all of our own self interest, jobs & income.

    The OP wants to take away the rights of those who are also in this industry is terrifying.

  11. If you agree with me but keep silent cause you think what I wrote is enough, you are wrong.
    It is the silence of not opposing those who want to take away the rights of others possible.
    If you agree with the poster then help make his case. Try to convince me that I am wrong.

  12. Sam you won’t find many people here that do not agree with you on this subject. Most of us posters here are very liberal leaning.

  13. How slippery is that slope to loosing freedom of Speech?
    NBC’s Raleigh NC affiliate apparently censored Dave Chappelle’s @nbcsnl monologue and other pieces of tonight’s broadcast

    Racism, discrimination & censorship How many days has it been since Trump won?

    Pornographers do you really think your biz is safe?

  14. Everything this Michael Payne writes seems to end up with it being a gay / trans problem, or some anti-gay anti-trans soapbox. The man sure it obsessed with people’s sexual choices and identities. So much for self determination for adults.

  15. @Sam38g,

    You posted 4 long diatribes before even realizing the author of this article is not Mike South, even though my name was posted underneath the article’s title. Your short attention span is astonishing, but it’s a typical social justice warrior symptom and doesn’t surprise me. You remind me of those anti-Trump protester kids who are either under the age of 18 and not even illegible to cast a vote or are illegal immigrants who shouldn’t be in this country in the first place. One of them was carrying a banner saying: “Islam is not our enemy, the Wall Street is.” Hmmm, that’s why they’re supporting Hillary Clinton, a lackey puppet bought and paid for by the Wall Street. What utter moron these protesters are. They burn the American flag WHILE carrying the Mexican flag. If they like Mexico so much, then they should fuck off and go there, hopefully they will, sooner rather than later.

    As for your business, don’t worry about your freedom of expression dear, nobody’s gonna confiscate your web cam, trust me.

    One last thing: If you, by your own admission, are one of those “obese obnoxious females”, you’re still allowed to stay in this country, that is if you’re not an illegal alien. 😉 But seriously, think about your health, obesity is cause of many illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, etc. For your own good, perhaps you should put down the KFC bucket and turn off CNN.

  16. @Joeschmoe,

    I choose specific pieces for this web site because it’s an adult industry outlet, but I write on a variety of topics in my own web site. I’ll add a link to my web site so that people can check out my other writings too and perhaps hate on me a bit more:

  17. Wow! Michael, so someone disagrees with you and you attack them. She disagreed with your opinion, you personally attacked her and immediately group her in with others to discount her opinion. Would have much rather seen what you had to say about her actual concerns with your opinion and her concerns with trump, but I’m guessing you don’t get it and/or don’t have an argument there. Even though she disagreed with you she treated you with respect and specifically stated that she supports your right to post here. I on the other hand do not support your right to post here, in fact it’s not a right, you post because Mike South lets you. Good for him, but if it were my site, you would not get headline space because you apparently can’t treat others with respect.

  18. @AmDazed

    I did not attack Sam, we were having a tongue-in-cheek conversation. You’re not jealous of that, are you? As for Sam’s concerns about the Trump presidency, everything that needed to be addressed is addressed in the article, if she misunderstood or missed out on my explanation, that’s her problem, not mine. I threw in my two cents, you can agree or disagree wit me, it’s fine by me either way.

  19. That was NOT a tongue-in-cheek conversation it is meant to marginalize my opinion & full of insults.
    Burning of the Flag is protected under the law as much as burning a cross. So I do have to ask at this point, are you a member of the KKK?
    Peaceful protest is also protected by Laws of this country, example the Civil Rights Act. of 1964. How American of those protesters using their rights. Fact that it upsets you so much, means they are achieving a part of their goal.
    The fact you find it horrible that a female who is obese & obnoxious standing up to you is wrong just thrills me to no end.
    Trump is busy putting D.C. lobbyist into his administration. So apparently, he is bought & paid for. Trump is betraying EVERY single campaign promise that you voted for. Keep on being loyal despite he lied to his base just like every politician does. He is the same,not change.
    You think that I’m an illegal alien Well, wouldn’t that make every 2257 I’ve signed for EVERY major porn company in the United States against the law? Vivid, Naughty America, Bang Bros, Reality Kings, The Score Group, Evil Angel, Evasive Angles, Penthouse, Lethal hardcore, Girlfriend Films all criminals too. One might think that I’m a bit more than just a cam girl with over 30 magazine covers & several hundred dvd covers. But I’m well aware how most of the industry thinks down upon cam girls. So thank you, very proud to be one of them too

    Being gay, bi-sexual, an immigrant or even illegal alien makes anyone less deserving of respect & kindness.
    To be honest, I have to take MIke’s word that you work in the adult industry, cause in 16 years I’ve never once heard your name,
    If you ever want to see me on cam, easy to find me. I’m in the top 10 on Streamate when camming. More than happy to make fun of you while in public chat there. My customers love it when I go off on trolls, it makes me more money,
    Not for one minute will I ever stop fighting for the America I believe in, no matter who is President. I changed my business model from hardcore to all fetish no sex. So I’m safe, but fight to protect all my fellow pornographer’s Freedom of Speech to continue their vocations.

    Hillary lost, so she can no longer be the excuse that Trump or those who voted for him used to justify their bad acts, hate crimes & discrimination. Discrimination is illegal.

    A protester carrying a Mexican flag is no excuse for hate crimes & discrimination. Carrying a Mexican flag is not illegal. I wear an Irish flag pen on St Patrick’s Day. Are you saying those who all celebrate St Patrick’s Day move back to Ireland?

    Diversity is what makes America great. 25% of the Armed forces are minorities. So you only support vets who are white?

    It is NOT Freedom of Expression, it is Freedom of Speech. Have you ever read the Constitution & Bill of Rights? NO, I don’t trust you.

  20. Sorry, faster fingers & missed it in proof reading.
    Being gay, bi-sexual, an immigrant or even illegal alien does NOT make anyone less deserving of respect & kindness.

    Name calling, discrimination of any kind are the tactics of bullies which can never be defended Being civil is a matter of good manners and class. When you don’t conduct yourself with those two things, what you write or your opinion has less merit.

  21. I agree with some points and disagree with others. I agree with what mike said about peoples fears of trump being baseless, when it comes to racial profiling, repeal of gay marriage, and suppression of women’s rights. However I disagree with what Mike wrote here ‘That’s when people push back and support a man who they believe respects their traditions and values, freedom of expression and religious liberties, a man who doesn’t shy away from confronting Islam as a terrorist ideology.” How can a man respect religious liberties but be against Islam and confront it as a terrorist ideology? Your either for religious freedom or against it. Yes some may argue that Islam is a terrorist ideology but lets not forget the barbaric treatment of the catholic church in our history. Sam, I too am over weight and sometimes very obnoxious and couldn’t care less what people think about it, but the current neo-feminism movement is not about gender equality, in fact its about gender inequality, feminists protest about female rights while verbally castrating the very balls off males. Neo-feminism is just another social engineering ploy to keep the population further divided and easily controlled. I do agree with Sam’s comment on Donald Trump, that he is the same and not change. People do try to get into these power positions, to do something that changes the system, but usually its the system that changes them. I believe trump will be another one of these people.
    People see Trump as an outsider to the organized corrupt establishment, but I see him as just as easily as usable as Hillary. While Hillary had the entire establishment behind her – including elite organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations – she did not win. Is this a ‘rebellion against the elite’ as some journalists claim, or is the elite placing the perfect fall guy for things to come? While Trump appeared to be at odds with the world elite, he will still most likely be used to advance its agenda.
    whether you are a trump supporter or not we still need to remain vigilant and always question the true agenda behind new policies as, the same shadow government that has been ruling the country (and the world) for decades, is still here. I know Mike that in your articles you come across as anti LGBT which makes you appear to others like you are against homosexuality and transgenderism but I think you have no problems with gay, lesbian or transgender people. I think your problems are with the social engineering tactics that are used to manipulate the population and the ideologies that are force fed to you through media outlets.This I completely understand. However what I really don’t understand is the problem with immigration. America was founded on immigration and immigrants, if there were a people who have as much a right to that land, it would be the Mexicans and the Native American Indians, it was the white immigrants that landed in America, slaughtered the indigenous people and took over.

  22. @Sam38g,

    Alright dear, lets’ turn this message tag playing into a more fun debate:

    Ms. Sam: That was NOT a tongue-in-cheek conversation.
    Mr. Payne: Yes that was and still is, maybe because I don’t take you seriously.

    Ms. Sam: Are you a member of the KKK?
    Mr. Payne: No, I’m a member of the XXX.

    Ms. Sam: Peaceful protest is protected by Laws of this country, example the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    Mr. Payne: So in your opinion damaging private and public property, smashing cars, street brawls, shouting death threats against the President Elect are considered “peaceful protests”, right? I could call you a fool for making such statement, but I digress.

    Ms. Sam: Fact that it [anti-Trump protests] upsets you so much, means they are achieving a part of their goal.
    Mr. Payne: On the contrary, I’m glad to watch those morons putting their cave man personality on display and making it more difficult, if not impossible, to have any kind of sympathy for them.

    Ms. Sam: The fact you find it horrible that a female who is obese and obnoxious standing up to you is wrong just thrills me to no end.
    Mr. Payne: As I mentioned before, I don’t take you seriously, to me, you’re “pop corn entertainment”.

    Ms. Sam: Trump is betraying EVERY single campaign promise that you voted for.
    Mr. Payne: No, he’s not. He’s on track to deport and/or imprison illegal aliens, mainly criminals and gang members, build the wall in the U.S/Mexico border, repeal and/or amend Obama Care, etc. I’m willing to give Trump a chance and see how he’ll perform. If he fucks up, I’ll come back on this board and admit that he did, but at this point, it’s too early to say.

    Ms. Sam: One might think that I’m a bit more than just a cam girl with over 30 magazine covers & several hundred DVD covers.
    Mr. Payne: And what is your point exactly, that you used to be the hot shot, but now you’re a washed- up, obese and obnoxious cam girl? So what? I don’t care what you think of yourself and even whether you’re telling the truth about yourself or not, frankly I could care less. To me, you’re just an anonymous commentator trolling on an internet message board.

    Ms. Sam: If you ever want to see me on cam, easy to find me. I’m in the top 10 on Streamate when camming.
    Mr. Payne:I’ll pass on your not-so-generous offer, I take no pleasure in watching a self-admitted obese and obnoxious cam girl stuffing her face with fried chicken and watermelon. I’ll leave that pleasure to your cuckold customers.

    Ms. Sam: Carrying a Mexican flag is not illegal. I wear an Irish flag pen on St. Patrick’s Day. Are you saying those who all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day should move back to Ireland?
    Mr. Payne: Right until this moment, I refused to call you a fool, but this comment of yours compels me to call a spade a spade and tell you that you, my dear, are a fool if you don’t understand the difference between celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by the Irish people who were legally and legitimately lived in America and contributed to this society generation after generation, and a bunch of anarchist illegal Mexican immigrants who jumped the fence and came to this country to wreck havoc, disrespect the host nation and shit where they eat.

    Thank you for the entertainment Sam.

  23. @Leeloo,

    Thank you for your comment, your statement is fair compare to other posters who displayed a semi-emotional meltdown on this board. 🙂 As for your question in regards to Islam, I believe you answered your own question when you wrote:

    “Some may argue that Islam is a terrorist ideology.”

    That is a valid argument, supported by historical evidence and current happenings. As for the comparison between Islam and the Catholic Church’s wrong doings during the Dark Ages, I disagree with that comparison based on the fact that the Catholic Church, during its darkest and most disgraceful hours, did not come anywhere close to Islam. In fact, Islam was established by Mohammad, a 6th century war lord who ordered the massacre and beheading of thousands of people during his 23 year old war for power and supremacy, a man who deceived his followers to believing that God is talking through him, a man who treated wives and children of his enemies like spoils of war and either shared them among his army or sold them in slave markets, a man who at the age of 54, married a 6 year old child. By establishing Islam, he had one goal and one goal only: Conquering the world through the use of sheer force and terror, a goal that his true followers have pursued to this day. You may argue that there are good people among Muslims, I don’t deny that fact, but in reality those good people are not good Muslims, they just happen to be born in a Muslim family and do not practice their faith. A good Muslim, by Islam’s definition, is a person who is willing to wage war with non-Muslims and kill or be killed and be rewarded by 72 virgins in the afterlife. One can be either a good person or a good Muslim, he/she cannot be both.

    As for your point in regards to immigration, you’re correct, America is a nation of immigrants, but in order to sustain and protect itself, it also must be a nation of law and order and procedure. I am an immigrant myself, I came to this country, accepted and respected its values, became a nationalized citizen and swore to protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I will keep my oath until my end of days. Anybody from any color and creed is welcome to migrate to America and try to build a better life as long as they do so through a legal and legitimate procedure and respect the values of this country. Nobody will accomplish anything by jumping the fence and resorting to anarchy and crime.

  24. ”How can a man respect religious liberties but be against Islam and confront it as a terrorist ideology? Your either for religious freedom or against it.” But whether you believe Islam is a terrorist ideology or not, it is still classed as a religion. Now if you are all about religious freedom and liberties, you would have to allow other people to practice and express their religion. If you say that all Christians have a right to practice and express their religion, but all Muslims don’t have that right then your not about religious liberties, and that’s fine. But you cant say someone is about religious liberties when they don’t respect other peoples right to practice there religion in any way they deem fit, whether you agree with them or not. As I can tell by what you wrote, you are one of those people that isn’t about religious liberties as you believe Muslims shouldn’t have the right in their practice of Islam, and that’s totally ok, you have every right to your opinion, but you cant tell me your about religious liberties, because clearly you are not. Same with what you were saying about trump, you cant be about religious liberties as long as its your own religion, and f**k it to everyone else. Here we would be crossing into the line of fascism and I think the genuine fear of a trump presidency is America being steered into an ugly fascist place.The notion of law and order and belief in authority in our past has seen totalitarian regimes devolving from ‘law and order’ to outright ‘police state’ after an important event. Where was the justice when the natives were getting slaughtered? Where were the religious liberties, when the native Indians were forbidden to practice their religious views because it was deemed by the church as ‘devil worship?’ Now you can say humanity has come along way since then, that we have learned a lot of lessons, that we have evolved. With just a bit of fear, misunderstanding and intolerance we can just as easily devolve into our old ways of being.

  25. I cant comment on the religious views of Islam, because I don’t know a thing about it, even though people say all kinds of things about it. Truth is I don’t know, Ive never sat sown with a Islamic religious leader, Ive never read the Koran, I simply don’t know what they practice. What I do know is those Muslims have every right to worship their leader Mohammad just as much right as you have to worship your leader Trump. Now if their rights of worship crosses over into your personal danger then, yes, you have every right to defend yourself.

  26. America is associated with being the land of the free and home of the brave, how can you live freely and still believe in government? Your either for freedom or against it. Government comes from the Latin verb gubernare, which means “to control,” and the latin noun mens: “mind”. The very word government in itself states mind control. Anarchy can be criminal and chaotic without the presence of authority and other controlling systems. But anarchy, with the absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual can be a beautiful way to live, but with it comes responsibility and sovereignty over yourself. Because these qualities are somewhat lacking in our society as a whole is why we believe in control systems, governments, authority and leaders, there fore is it entirely correct to say we believe in freedom? Can we really say trump is about religious liberties while confronting Islam as a ‘terrorist ideology?’ One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. Maybe the fact that we are bombing them with our ‘democracy’ is why they are retaliating. And you know how public opinion to justify wars can be easily swayed with the right ‘catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new pearl harbor.’

  27. I think you are mixing apples and oranges here leeloo. You can still have a free country and have a government. Otherwise you would have anarchy and lawlessness everywhere. Compare America to North Korea or China and you will see this is the land of the free.

  28. @Leeloo,

    Allow me to respond to you point by point:

    Ms. Leeloo: Whether you believe Islam is a terrorist ideology or not, it is still classed as a religion.
    Mr. Payne: And I believe that’s where the problem is. The West, in its ignorance, has classified Islam as a religion while in fact it is not a religion, it’s a cult, an ideology, a socio-political system. Think Communism on steroid, that’s what Islam is. For hundreds of years, the West faced off against an Islamic animosity. During two Crusades, thousands of Christian warriors fought the ruthless Islamic invasion and died defending the West . The Ottoman Empire used to control vast areas of Asia and Europe. When it collapsed at the end of World War One, the Empire broke into several countries including Turkey, Iraq and Syria. The Ottoman Empire was defeated, but the Islamic ideology survived and was carried out by a newly founded organization called “The Muslim Brotherhood”. Over the course of years they managed to infiltrate Western countries and classify their ideology as a religion. They took advantage of the chaos that followed World War One, the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany and the inevitable World War Two and the emergence of the Soviet Union as a super power after World War Two. Everybody in the West was busy fighting Nazism and Communism and they forgot about the other monster that was lurking in the shadows, the monster of Islam. As decades went by, Nazism and Communism were defeated and by that time, Islam found an opportunity to rise again and the result is what we’re seeing today. The fact that Islam is classified as a religion does not make it a religion, and the sooner the West realizes this fact, the better off it would be.

    Ms. Leeloo: If you say that all Christians have a right to practice and express their religion, but all Muslims don’t have that right then you’re not about religious liberties.
    Mr. Payne: Let’s see how Muslims “practice and express their religion”, by allowing adult men to marry 9 year old children, by suppressing women and forcing them to cover their faces and hairs, by carrying out public executions and severe punishments like dismemberment and lashing, by killing non-Muslims to whom they refer as “the infidels”. Ask yourself if you can defend and/or justify any of such actions in the 21st century. If you ask me that question, my answer is a resounding “no”.

    Ms. Leeloo: I can’t comment on the religious views of Islam, because I don’t know a thing about it.
    Mr. Payne: Then perhaps you should do a research and find out more about it. I hope this helps:

    Ms. Leeloo: I’ve never read the Quran.
    Mr. Payne: Here are some of the Quran’s teachings:
    – Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it, but it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you, but Allah knows, and you know not. – Quran (2:216)
    – Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the hearts of his followers. – Quran (9:14)
    – Fight against the non-believers, those who do not acknowledge Islam even if they are of the People of the Book [i.e. Jews, Christians, etc.] until they pay the Jizya [Islamic tax] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. – Quran (9:29)
    – The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and his prophet and strive to make mischief in the land is that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned, this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall suffer a great punishment. – Quran (5:33)
    – I will cast terror into the hearts of non-believers. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. – Quran (8:12)

    The Quran contains 164 verses that command Muslims to wage war against non-believers and spread terror and violence. Muslims who do not join the fight are considered hypocrites and warned that if they hesitate and do not participate in the slaughter, Allah will send them to hell for severe punishment, and here is the best part: The verses of violence in the Quran are open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah.

    Ms. Leeloo: Anarchy, with the absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual can be a beautiful way to live, but with it comes responsibility and sovereignty over yourself.
    Mr. Payne: For better or for worse, that’s just some hippie Utopian fantasy. In reality, we will always need to have a government, without that, there will be the law of the jungle. The question is not whether we need a government, the question is: What kind of a government do we need? What should be the jurisdictions and responsibilities of that government? And how can we as citizens improve that government? As a libertarian, I believe in a small, none-intrusive government to manage the economy, build the country’s infrastructure (i.e. roads, hospitals, schools, etc.) and secure the borders. I’m against intrusive governments such as the Obama administration, the European Union and the former Soviet Union. That type of social fascism will always lead to tyranny, and response to tyranny is revolution, overthrowing the status quo. Sometimes revolutions are bloody and violent, and sometimes they can be a peaceful and silent transition of power. What happened in America during the 2016 presidential election was a peaceful and silent revolution. That’s why I welcome it.

    I hope my explanation suffices.

  29. Karmafan I was simply using the belief in governement as another example of how we contradict ourselves, or over exaggerate things. To say you believe in freedom and say you also believe in government is like saying I believe in freedom but with limitations and control systems. Yes I agree that America is much more lenient than places like North Korea or China, of course them are places of extreme opposite to freedom. America on the scale in between absolute freedom and absolute control is somewhere in the middle. America is the more lenient but not free. All one has to do to clearly see that is to look at the systems in place.

  30. You have problems with Islam, maybe you should read the Talmud. Well I don’t need to go much further to explain what was done to the Jews. Personally I find religions have a whole lot of nonsense in them, and think some of the practices in religions should be banned, for example circumcision of underage females in countries like Africa, but I don’t go about claiming I’m for religious liberties, because clearly I’m not as I feel some of the practices of religion are barbaric not to mention some of the religious practices and teachings are about brainwashing techniques which become the ultimate control over the individual and restrict personal freedom through fear of ‘Gods’ punishment. If it was up to me the whole world would be steered towards spirituality and not organized religion. But in the world we live in, in our current reality, we have religions, and the peoples of those religions have rights to practice those religions and worship any leader they like. So Mike does a line need to be drawn on religious liberties? If we draw that line and say no to all perceived barbaric religious practices, can we then truly honestly say we are about religious liberties and religious freedom? Anarchy despite its association with absolute chaos, is not a hippie utopian fantasy, but a political ideal. If people stood in there personal sovereignty and practiced responsibility we wouldn’t need to rely on government as much, but like I said our society as a whole is lacking in these traits so that is why we believe in government, control systems, and leaders. We are not ready as of yet to stand in our own sovereignty and take responsibility and is why we rely on government, we are not ready as of yet to stand in our personal empowerment and is why we give our power away to leaders, we are not ready as of yet for absolute freedom and is why we contribute and uphold a system of slavery. Before we can even think about freedom there is a whole lot of s**t that needs to be shoveled, like giving personal power away to leaders that don’t care about you, dogmatic belief and strict religious systems, monarchy and hierarchical systems, the fake fiat monetary system, the list goes on. How can we say we are truly free with these types systems, beliefs and ideals in place?

  31. But then again,we actually have the freedom to believe in limitations, we have the freedom to uphold systems of slavery, we have the freedom to limit our awareness through religious dogma, we have the freedom to give our power away to leaders that don’t care about us. We have the freedom to live a life of a slave to collect paper with pictures on and pay to live on a planet we were born freely on. We have the freedom to do as the government tells us.

  32. I wanted to take issue with the part of your editorial that suggests that Clinton would have abolished the second amendment. Judging from your words, it would appear that you believe that all citizens should have the right to any particular weapon without any background check or any other restriction. Is that what you meant because over the course of the campaign, I never heard Clinton suggest abolishing the second amendment, merely tightening controls on how certain weapons could get in the hands of people who should not have them (i.e. convicted felons, people with documented mental illness, etc.). Can you please explain your position. Was this just hyperbole?

  33. Clearly we need changes of some kind in this country regarding firearms. Killing someone should be hard and messy and take lots of thought before doing it, taking someone’s life should be the hardest decision you ever have to make. Firearms make it just too neat and easy and too many people have access to firearms that should not have them.

  34. I just want to say to mike, that I always enjoy reading your articles, despite sometimes having a difference of opinion. I can relate to your frustration when it comes to social engineering issues through media outlets and the elites. If I wasn’t disillusioned with the whole game of politics and its false left vs right paradigm, Trump would of been my choice. Just don’t put all your hope into Trump, because you will be more then likely disappointed. The same shadow elites that have been controlling and manipulating the course of humanity are still here and the rule of their evil empire holds power above anyone who enters into office.

  35. Remember Obama was going to take away the guns. Im still waiting. Mike wants to give other thoughts a voice, bravo but made up shit. Why?

  36. @Leeloo,

    You’re right, I do have a problem with Islam and I did my best to explain what my problem is, answer your questions and make the case for why I believe Islam is a cult, an ideology and a socio-political system rather than a religion and why I oppose Islamic practices that consist of murder, rape, oppression, etc. I presented a brief history of Islam and provided verses from the Quran to demonstrate roots of this ideology and what it stands for today. Having said that, you’re as much entitled to your opinion on Islam as I’m entitled to mine and I believe we’ve both made our points. I see no need to discuss the issue of Islam further.

    As to your other point on government, I get the impression that you have an exaggerated view of government and believe that government necessarily equals tyranny. In my opinion, that’s not the case. The existence of government is essential for keeping the society intact. Government can and will turn into tyranny if it goes on unsupervised, that’s why it’s up to each and every one of us to remain vigilant, hold the government accountable and work together to reform or if necessary change the status quo. That’s my two cents.

  37. @JimF,

    For the past several decades, the establishment has been trying to undermine and eventually abolish the Second Amendment. The process starts with placing certain restrictions on purchasing firearms, then goes on to banning certain firearms from the market, confiscation of firearms is the final stage. I grew up in the former Soviet Union under the rule of a tyrannical regime, and I can tell you with certainty the most important tool the American people have in their possession to fight against the tyranny is their Constitution. In that aspect, I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of the Second Amendment. According to the FBI, currently there are more than 800 armed militia groups in the United States, many of which are formed by ex-soldiers, ex-Navy Seals and patriots. As long as the Second Amendment is alive, such groups will continue to exercise their constitutional right and put fear in hearts of the globalist elite who are eager to colonize America and turn it into a Socialist hell hole.

    Hillary Clinton is a part of the establishment and her views on certain issues including the Second Amendment are well known regardless of how she addressed the issue during her presidential campaign. She was trying to be vague and cater to both pro and anti-Second Amendment citizens in an attempt to convince both sides to vote for her. Clinton’s hypocrisy is nothing new and knows no boundaries. In front of the masses she was claiming her goal is to be an inclusive President who will fight the Wall Street and defend interests of middle class and working class people. Behind closed doors and in private speeches, she was saying to the Wall Street bankers that they must make the decisions and call the shots and people must follow them. That’s the kind of person Hillary Clinton is, and I’m glad the majority of people saw through her and rejected her.

  38. The case for “Americanism not Globalism” and Put America First sounds great on paper, but here are some realities. Forget the notion that small business is the generator of jobs. In today’s economy the largest creators of jobs are our largest corporations and, increasingly, they are global competitors. Take Honeywell. Fortune 500 company. Great American brand, with a significant American manufacturing presence and American employees. But more than 50% of the companies revenue comes from outside of the US. And, for all the anti-Mideast talk, Honeywell’s third largest source of revenue outside of North America, like most global companies, is the Middle East. Even small U.S. manufacturers are turning to the export markets to grow their revenues. Kill the export market, or prevent a company from manufacturing in Mexico to serve the North and South American markets from a central location, and you harm American business and American jobs.

    We talk about the tech economy, which is great, but the tech economy does not produce jobs. Consider this: The largest employer in the U.S., with more than 1 million U.S. employees, is Walmart. The two largest tech companies, and two of the largest corporations in the world by market capitalization, are Apple and Google. Between them, they employee fewer than 100,000 people worldwide. They have created wonderful products that improve our lives and have created tremendous shareholder value for investors, but they have produced very few jobs.

    Unlike what you heard during the election, the trend for the most part today is not to outsource production destined for the North American market, except in the case of low value products, to low wage areas. Rather, its to localize production for all markets in the markets they serve. Manufacture what you sell in North America, or the Americas, in North America or Mexico; manufacture what you sell in Europe in Europe, Eastern Europe or Turkey; manufacture what you sell in Asia in China, Viet Nam or Malaysia.

    The lack of high wage manufacturing jobs today has little to do with outsourcing and more to do with automation. Consider this: We are producing more goods and services today – that’s manufactured goods and the associated services with manufacturing and servicing them – than we did in 2007 before the recession, and doing so with 2 million fewer people. 1 CNC machine on a factory floor can perform 6 to 10 processes that each used to be performed by an individual – in other words, 1 CNC machine replaced 6 to 10 jobs. One highly-skilled, well-trained and well-paid CNC operator can run up to 10 machines at a time – in other words, that one operator can now oversee production that used to require between 60 and 100 people. In today’s manufacturing model, we just don’t need many people to meet the demand for our manufactured products and the trend is towards more software and more automation on the factory and warehouse floor.

    Second, the majority of new U.S. manufacturing is opening in the South and Southeast – think Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, the Carolinas, Arizona – where starting factory wages on the shop floor are $10 to $12 an hour. That equates to $20,600 to $25,000 a year before over-time. The non-skilled manufacturing jobs we are creating are not the same as the manufacturing jobs available when I was growing up in the Midwest, and an auto worker, steel worker, construction worker or tradesman could raise a family, save for retirement and put his kids through state school on blue collar wages. You want a blue collar job today? They’re available in droves. Go to Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, Memphis, Tennessee, Inland Empire, California, Las Vegas, Reno or Phoenix, Charleston, South Carolina, Birmingham, Alabama. Those are all transportation and logistics hubs where companies like Amazon are opening warehouses that employ 500 to 2,000 people each at a record pace. At the same time, those jobs pay $12.50 an hour before over-time, which is a reason that most distribution centers have a 100% annual turnover in employees. There’s no shortage of jobs; there’s a shortage of people willing to work for the blue collar wages available. When employees demand more, the warehouses just put in more automation to reduce their need for employees. That trend isn’t going to change.

    Trump’s infrastructure plan – a plan that is both badly needed and has been rejected for the past 8 years by the Republican Congress because it was Obama’s idea – will create needed employment for blue collar workers. What will be interesting will be if it’s done a traditional union wages for construction workers, or, will be pushed through as a right to work bill, which will just mean a lot more jobs paying $12.50 to $15.00 an hour.

  39. ”Having said that, you’re as much entitled to your opinion on Islam as I’m entitled to mine and I believe we’ve both made our points.” I don’t have an opinion on Islam, as I have never read the Quran, I don’t know a thing about there practices, I’m not gonna just take your word on Islam, I would have to study it myself to form an opinion on it. All I know is that in the world we live in, the majority of people class Islam as a religion and those who practice religions, whether we agree on them or not, have rights to practice those religions. This is not my opinion, this is just how it is, this is the world we live in. Thank you for sharing your views on Islam and with that I shall do my research. ”I get the impression that you have an exaggerated view of government and believe that government necessarily equals tyranny” I know the government as it currently stands is corrupt and heading into the direction of tyranny, yeah the mask of freedom and democracy is seen on the surface to the public but behind the mask its quite different. All one has to do to clearly see that we are heading into tyranny is to draw the parallels between America today and 1930’s Germany. I suggest watching a presentation by Jim Marrs- Rise Of The Forth Reich. I agree that it is up to each and every one of us to remain vigilant, hold the government accountable and work together to reform or if necessary change the status quo, and to do that, we must stand in our empowerment and stop handing our power over to puppets that are bought and controlled by the very elite we are up against. If I am ever witness to a government which is truly fair, just, and clean then I will eat my words and change my opinion. As it currently stands the government isn’t working for us, but working against us as it is handled by corrupt elitists and secret organizations.

  40. I worked for a Fortune 500 company that employed 5500 people in my city and surrounding area. As soon as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) passed my company started moving product lines to Mexico, Brazil, and Malaysia and within 5 years they closed my plant and 5500 people were out looking for work. Some employees were in their 40s, 50, and early 60s. Too young to retire but having a difficult time finding work at their ages. This happened all over the country.

  41. You’ll get no argument for me that most American businesses outsourced as much production as they could to low wage countries for a period of nearly 30 years. I grew up in a Midwest steel town that saw 30,000 jobs wiped out in one day when the largest mill in town closed it’s doors back in the late 70’s about a week before Christmas. The town has never recovered. It hollowed out the Midwest.

    But, what’s missing from that argument as that just as many Midwestern jobs were lost when factories closed up shop and moved to low wage states in the U.S., where, combined with automation, they could bridge the gap between low U.S. wages and low off-shore wages.

    Yes, some companies still choose to go off-shore, but today it is more about serving an off-shore region than chasing low wages. The outsourcing story, while popular with Trump’s supporters, is yesterday’s battle. It’s like going to war with outdated weapons.

    We are actually in a period of statis, where as much production is moving back to the U.S. from off-shore as is leaving the U.S. What’s more, we’re seeing a significant amount of “Foreign Direct Investment,” which is off-shore countries investing to manufacture in the U.S.

    So, why aren’t factory jobs coming back to those hard hit areas like where you live. Well, for one, they’ve moved to low-wage states in the U.S. Companies left Michigan and Ohio to get away from union wages – those “good jobs with good wages” that both parties, including Trump, say they’re going to bring back but are gone forever – and they have automated, which means they can produce far more than in the past and with far fewer workers.

    Here’s an example of a great American company with a commitment to manufacturing in America, which is Whirlpool. They operate 5 plants in Ohio that combined employ about 10,000 factory workers. Still, Whirlpool had a plant in Mexico that produced washing machines for the U.S. market. A couple of years ago, they moved all of that production back to one of its Ohio factories so they could dedicate the Mexican factory to serving Mexico. Great news story, right. Yet, the plant is so automated that Whirlpool was able to do so by adding just 60 jobs in a 24/7 operation. In plant already employing 2,000 people, an extra 60 doesn’t move the needle.

    What’s happened is that politicians of both parties focus on jobs and not production. We are in an era where, thanks to automation, American companies can increase sales, increase production to meet the demand of their customers and deliver value to their shareholders, all without adding much to their head count. That is today’s battle. Trying to punish companies that already moved their operations off-shore is missing the point, even if it is a popular idea.

  42. Apple keeps their corporate offices in America but makes all their phones in China. Thats 1.6 million jobs in China that could have been in America.

  43. Yes, and, if you wish, you can say that Nike produces all of its shoes in Asia. Those are yesterday’s battles. They were lost 30 years ago when the consumer electronics industry moved first to Japan and the American consumer decided that it preferred a Sony Trinitron TV to a Magnavox or RCA that was still manufactured in America. Then, Japan moved its production to China, Malaysia, Viet Nam, etc. This is like the South re-litigating the War of Northern Aggression.

    Trump’s argument is that he’s going to bring back those jobs and stop companies from moving jobs from America overseas. If not, he’s going to put tariffs on their goods.

    None of those is going to happen, or happen for long, for a couple of reasons.

    There is no US infrastructure to support the manufacture of many products domestically. Take the iPhone. Much of the R&D was done in Asia and most of the component parts are manufactured in Asia. Not just because of the cost but because the U.S. ceded that expertise to Asia rather than compete. We do not have the expertise or the equipment and facilities in the U.S. to make the components. Why is that important? Because Apple’s contract manufacturers do not manufacture an iPhone. They assemble it from parts made elsewhere and shipped to the assembly factories. If Apple decided to assemble in the U.S., they would still have to import all of the parts and components.

    Second, even if that happened, you would not assemble by hand in the U.S. because labor is more costly. Instead, since you would be building a facility from the ground up, it would be highly-automated. And, its not just the cost of labor. In 2009, Congress passed a bill that allows companies to depreciate investments in equipment, software and technology at a much faster rate to spur investment. And it worked – since then, business has been investing in automation at a record pace, which is the reason a company can move all of the production from one of its factories in Mexico to the U.S. but add only a handful of jobs. Again, we are producing more manufactured goods today than we did during 2007, which was a good year, but with 2 million fewer people. And, by the way, I have no idea if the 1.6 million jobs is accurate or not, but, what I do know is that as the cost of labor goes up, China is automating too in order to rely less on human labor and more on technology to manufacture. Right now, China is the world’s largest producer of industrial and production robots. Trump confuses production with employment. One does not necessarily translate into the other.

    Last, and I’ll repeat: We are no longer losing the outsourcing battle. Are there still examples of outsourcing? Yes, and there will always be some outsourcing as big companies rationalize how they serve markets. But right now, there’s equilibrium. We’re brining back as much production as we’re shipping elsewhere. That’s not a political talking point. You can look it up. There are two organizations that track “re-shoring” and AT Kearney produces a re-shoring index on an annual basis. It’s about to come out. Production is coming back; jobs are not necessarily created as a result because of automation or companies taking advantage of excess capacity on existing but idle and highly-automated production lines. Trump may be able to slap a tariff on products produced overseas to encourage companies to manufacture in the U.S. And if you want to pay a lot more money for the things you take for granted, that’s great. But Trump cannot force a company to hire people it does not need to produce the products it manufacturers using better software, automation and robotics.

    One more example, and then I’ll shut up. Trump has told coal and steel workers to “get ready to work your asses off.” Everyone cheered. Here’s reality. The U.S. already manufacturers 75% of the steel that it consumes. What has changed is that old, unionized plants in the Midwest closed and the U.S. industry moved to new highly-automated plants in the south, where the prevailing wage is $12 to $15 an hour. We have the capacity to produce all of our steel needs without adding employment.

    Example 2. What’s unspoken in the coal debate is that coal industry employment peaked in the 1970’s and has been declining ever since because …… the coal industry automated and continues to do so. What’s more, cheap natural gas, which is efficient to burn, has replaced more expensive and less efficient coal to the extent that half of the U.S. coal burning power plants have been sold off and in many instances torn down. As the CEO of the largest U.S. energy company told the Wall Street Journal the other day: “Coal isn’t coming back.”

  44. I’ll make two last and I promise brief observations, not criticisms, but it goes to the “we’re going to make everything in America” argument. I remember once driving to Best Buy with my father. We went into the store and he told the salesman he was there to buy a television but would only buy one made in America because he wanted to support American manufacturing. The salesman said he’d love to help, but no televisions were still made in America. My father left the store in a huff, and drove home …… in his Mercedes, which he parked next to his BMW.

    Meanwhile, my wife owns a retail store. One of the product categories she sells is what’s known as plush – stuffed toys and animals. Every year at the holidays, someone comes in and says: I want to buy a teddy bear for my grandchild, but I will only buy one made in America. I don’t want anything made overseas. My wife says no problem, and takes them to the shelf where she carries teddy bears made in America. Now, there is only one company still manufacturing teddy bears in America and they start at $50 and go up from there. Those customers usually take one look at the price tag, say something about how they’re not going to get ripped off, and buy the one next to it, made in China, for $20.

    At the end of the day, we vote with our pocket books.

  45. @MichaelPayne

    This 2016 campaign was ugly bitter and will leave more than a few marks aka scars. We lived in Florida in 2000, our kids still insist Lieberman sounds more like A.L.F. than the fuzzy A.L.F. TV character they grew up with. Headlines screaming Katherine Harris stole the election and hanging chads were a bigger threat to our country than any of the pre or post election protests or your pet peeves. Gore suing to overturn the results sent a global message that our ‘system’ was corrupt and undermined international trust and confidence. Change dot org petitions and protests by the people are an integral part of the USA and all it stands for.

    Growing up in the 60-70’s ‘fight fight n…. & white’, protests, curfews and the national guard were “normal” It was ‘normal’ to be locked down in the gym or auditorium where we ‘listened’ to our peers over endless games of backgammon. It was ‘normal’ for black guys to use the race card to get in white girls pants. It was ‘normal’ for white girls to laughingly ask if they’d love and respect them in the morning and write their number on the boys room wall as evidence they weren’t racists 😉

    “The billionaire celebrity Donald Trump may not be the perfect choice, but he’s independent and not a part of the status-quo. He has no political background, but he’s nowhere near as corrupt as”

    Trump proudly proclaimed his role in the status quo. Along the lines of ‘it takes two to dance’ the guy offering and paying the bribes is just as corrupt as the politician taking them. They’re both barter our constitution as partial payment for their personal or political agendas.

    As for no political background it’s a delusion to assume political backgrounds are limited to elected office. Soros is self-described as a philanthropist, holds no elected office and is so politically tainted the politicians he funds can’t ‘appoint’ him to public office. Trump has a political background that started with his birth and silver spoon appointment. Not too many working grunts choose or attend Wharton.

    Trump is independent to the point where his immediate agenda can be met without the his dependence on the quid quo pro he credits for filling his coffers with the billions he used to finance his presidential campaign.

    You’re clear as mud on this one. Even if some of your pet peeves are in line with voter motivation and intent they don’t validate those pet peeves as a majority pushback. This year like 2000 the popular vote winner is not headed to office because the USA relies on the electoral college as a check/balance to frenzied democracy.

    “– When you blatantly deny the fact that men and women are fundamentally different and instead promote third wave feminism and a false perception of equality and encourage women to be unattractive, obese and obnoxious,”

    Seriously WTF? I’m chalking this post up to MP had one too many RedBull and forgot the value of sleeping on emotionally charged rants before editing and posting.

    Apologies if my comment reopened discussed/closed topics. Onward ho time to read comments and see where this rant evolved to.

  46. @ Sam38g

    Same line pissed me off. SKINNY SKANKS wouldn’t have made his point either. Grrrrrr

  47. @mharris

    You bring up condom rash anytime soon and we both might wind up in a time out corner hehehehe

  48. Whoa! WTF @MichaelPayne cool out Cujo,

    Granted she used four comments to make it known what you wrote pissed her off. Not cool to start hurling insults, name calling and character assassination at someone who gave you the feedback you sought. Even less cool to rip her a new asshole without respectfully addressing the feedback your post generated.

    Not for nothing MikeSouthdotcom is branded as the voice of Mike South not a conglomerate where the byline distinguishes the post as an individuals work.

    I hope you’re just in a bad space and get over it soon because posting here, on your site or anywhere is an invitation to feedback …good, bad or ugly and sometimes that feedback is gonna hurt. For your own good, perhaps you should consider the feedback in the same light you expected your post to be considered.

  49. @LurkingReader,

    I always appreciate and enjoy reading your comments whether we agree or disagree on the topic of discussion. Allow me to clarify one thing, I don’t judge people based on their creed, race, sexual orientation, belief, etc. I judge people based on their personal merits. That’s my general view, but when it comes to socializing, I have my preferences and so does everybody else, for instance I like feminine characteristics in a woman, I value manners and mutual respect. If I know a woman personally, if we have enough things in common, I can get passed the surface, I wouldn’t mind if she’s somewhat overweight and likes fries with her double cheese burger. As long as she’s not obese to the point of endangering her life, I’m fine with that. ; )

    However, if I don’t know somebody personally and they look and act obnoxious, demonstrate an inflated sense of entitlement and demand my devoted attention, acceptance and respect, that’s when I’ll give them the middle finger. My problem with third wave feminists/ social justice warriors is that they INTENTIONALLY behave in obnoxious ways and at the same time, point their fat, greasy fingers at society’s face and make demands. They have a narrow minded view and think they can shove it down the society’s throat if they scream loud enough and throw a hissy fit every time things don’t go their way, for example look at the presidential election, they’re literally crying because their favorite candidate didn’t win and call the people who voted for the opposite candidate every name under the sun. How can I have respect for such people when they show no respect for anybody else? Respect is mutual, give a little, get a little. They need to wake from their slumber and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them, some times things don’t go their way, they can’t get everybody to agree with them on everything all the time, and they just have to live with that.

    That’s about it, peace out.

  50. @MichaelPayne

    I like that your posts are thought provoking. Right now I’m thinking you’re too stuck in ‘defense mode’ to consider what ‘normal’ meant growing up in the 60’s. Elementary school kids today (including my grandson) are living these protests as their normal. It was normal every weekend to be stuck in protests entering or leaving NYC. Those protests weren’t limited to race relations. Roe v Wade, bra burning, the streak, anti-war, draft dodging and much more played a role though the national guard, curfews and travel permits were related to race relations. Listening to backgammon partners exposed cultures outside my experience and played a significant role in my formation, getting into Humanae vitae added depth and gratitude for the jumpstart those conversations gave me towards embracing humanity.

    ““– When you blatantly deny the fact that men and women are fundamentally different and instead promote third wave feminism and a false perception of equality and encourage women to be unattractive, obese and obnoxious,”

    The problem(s) I have with this begin with tacking on ‘and encourage women to be unattractive obese and obnoxious” Adding this clearly derailed the point you were trying to make. Your attempts to defend the pushback and clarify did neither, they actually dug the hole deeper and made it nearly impossible to get back to your initial intent with the statement. This is one time where your post and follow-up comments come across as an apt picture of all you have a problem with.

    Tacking on your preference for thin, quiet spoken, meek women is at odds with your previous posts where facts and data were presented to support your positions. Not knocking you for stepping up to the plate by saying this game had a couple ugly foul balls.

    Respect is something I give as a reflection of who I am, Regard is earned as a reflection of how that individual behaves.

  51. Clearly you are demented & a racist.
    KKK calls themselves Christians too & use the Bible to justify hate crimes.
    There are many Mormons who have child brides to old men, they too consider themselves Christians.

    When you go to church do you tell them what you do for a living?
    Guessing you are a big Infowars fan. Alex Jones going off calling Hillary a child sex ring leader & drinks the blood of children must be your fav video of all time

  52. White Supremacist or Isis
    1 Women should be meek & obey their husbands or Fathers?

    2 No birth control or abortions, women have no rights over their own bodies & should stay home & have babies.

    3 Zero tolerance for other religions & everyone who doesn’t believe in my God should leave or die?

    4 No mating with those outside your own race?

    5. Laws of the country be dictated by one religion?

    6 Use derogatory terms to describe your enemy to make them less human.

    7 Protect our borders or country from the enemy.

    8 Go to the enemies country & bomb by drones or suicide bomber, only difference is funding

    9 Everyone is against you so attack them first.

    10 Use religion to justify any & all violence.

    11 Hate the Jews

    12 Insist that females are not equals.

  53. White Supremacits or Isis

    13 Stay out of our country

    14 Hatred of Globalism

    15 Use of police or military to invade citizens homes & arrest or kill without a warrant or due process of the law.

    16 hate gays

    17 Music is corrupting the youth

    18 Use of graffiti & symbols to intimidate & threaten those who are different from you

    19 Gov is against you & we need change

    20 Call all protesters criminals and accept who’s in charge without any reservation or questions.

  54. Lurk, welcome back. As for condom rash, you brought it up this time — not me. I think time-out corners for us ended decades ago.

    As for Michael Payne’s article he makes some good points and some bad ones but I would have to say I think things are going to take a turn for the worse in the next couple of years. The fact that the Republican majority in Congress think the 100 million poor, elderly and disabled should starve to death, not have access to healthcare and live in the streets while they are dying (that is what eliminating welfare will do) is atrocious. Our petty crime rate will skyrocket if the Tea Party has its way, people will do almost anything to survive and no welfare will cause many poor people to steal food and other necessities to remain living. Prostitution rates will also skyrocket — women that happen to be at least halfway attractive will use that to get money from those that are better off to feed their kids — that is illegal in 49 1/2 states (there are three or four counties in Nevada where whore houses are legal, most are owned by Dennis Hof) as it stands now. What will our state and federal governments do — we don’t have enough jail and prison space for most of 100 million people (at least in most jails/prisons inmates get three shitty meals a day and shelter even if they get raped by the five bubba club repeatedly while there, the people I am talking about don’t deserve that fate but it will happen if welfare programs are eliminated). I hope Trump is smart enough to put a stop to that part of their manifesto.

  55. @mharris

    TY for welcome back and not running amok on the condom rash subject.

    Article started well and went off the rails. IMO the article was intended to convey the authors idea that election results validated his premise towards voter motives and supported his opinions.

    I don’t see things taking a fast turn for the worse which is the beauty of the American founder’s design. The popular vote/electoral college check balance minimizes the potential for America taking a quick trip to hell in a hand basket. The discrepancy between the electoral results and nationwide popular vote also disproved the authors premise that the majority are on his side.

    Most people prolly took my reference to boys playing the race card to get in girls pants as a continuation of the race issue vs boys will be boys and girls will be girls aka ‘normal’ in that boys want sex and girls want to assert their right to choose who and under what conditions they agree to have sex. Using the race card then was a sign of the times vs promise of love or respect in my grandmother and mother’s time.

    Many current headlines could have just as easily come from the 60’s or 70’s. Watergate wasn’t doomsday nor will our kids look back and see Obamacare, Benghazi or Clintons email server as the straw that broke America’s back.

  56. @LurkingReader,

    I’m glad you understood the core argument of this article: Regardless of what each individual feels or thinks about Trump, the fact is that his rise to power is a phenomenon, and many factors came together to make such phenomenon possible including discontent of the majority of Americans with the current social and cultural atmosphere. The fact that Hillary Clinton won more popular votes did not and could not change the outcome of the election, it only indicates that in a handful of liberal cities that voted for Democrats (i.e. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York) a few thousand more people voted for Clinton, while on the grand scheme of things it was the majority of the country that voted for Trump including states such as Wisconsin that haven’t voted for a Republican candidate in nearly 4 decades. That alone is a demonstration of how frustrated people were with the status quo, and for good reasons.

    As for comparing today’s tensions to the 1960’s and 1970’s, I heard that argument before. I have a friend who is in his late 60s. He’s a retired teacher, well educated typical middle class American. In one of our conversations he brought this comparison up. In response, I told him perhaps there are similarities between now and then, but let’s not forget a major factor and that is the population demographics of the United States. Back then, white people had a higher percentage of the population and there were not as many foreigners living in the United States as they are today. In other words, the 1960’s and 1970’s America was more homogeneous than the 2016 America. Currently the white people still have the majority of the population, but their numbers are dwindling. As of today, 62% of American population are white while a whopping 38% are non-white. Like it or not, that’s fueling the fire of racial/cultural tensions, and it’s only going to get worse. According to official estimates, by the year 2040, white American people will lose their majority and the American population will become completely mixed.

    One more major difference between today and the 1960’s and 1970’s is the economy. Back then, the American middle class was stronger and wealth distribution was more reasonable. Today, a handful of corporations control almost every source of wealth and revenue in America and the middle class is on the verge of extinction. A diverse, poor and angry population is recipe for disaster. With more than 300 million guns in circulation in America, more than 800 militia groups and countless gangster organizations, I’m afraid a full-blown civil war is on the horizon, although I hope I’m wrong about this.

  57. My biggest worry is NOT that there are NOT enough white people in America. Cause being American isn’t about skin color for me.

    NOR do I think that people who aren’t white are all militant groups that are going to rise up & destroy or kills us all.

    What you spout is straight KKK-white supremacy-Nazi hate.

    Michael Payne I will never ever be on your side

  58. @Sam38g,

    Every time you make a comment, you confirm that I was correct in my assertion: You are an arrogant, clueless and self-centered social justice warrior with an inflated sense of entitlement. You’re a narrow-minded woman-child who gets triggered every time somebody expresses an opinion that slightly falls outside of her pathetic “safe space” parameters. I’ve got news for you dear, the world is changing and nobody cares about your unfounded fears, asinine accusations and ridiculous micro-aggression, so you can pack up and ride off to the sunset for all I care.

    Just one question: In your opinion, what DOESN’T constituent as white supremacy and neo- Nazism? Perhaps junk food and apple pies. Hmmm, on second thought, those too are white man’s inventions. So does this mean from now on you’re gonna boycott junk food and apple pies and refuse to feast on them because they’re symbols of “white oppression”? I hope you do, as a self-admitted obese and obnoxious woman, it is in your best interest to manage your diet and lose some weight, due to whatever reason you make up in your mind.

    Good evening and good luck, and as always, thank you for the entertainment. 😉

  59. @MichaelPayne

    Trump’s ‘rise to power’ as well as Obama are both prime examples of the wisdom and foresight our founders had. Obama was the first presidential candidate to use social media to get people engaged in the process. This year two dozen candidates used social media as campaign cornerstones. Results are swifter yet not so different than setting up a soap box on a urban street corner, cozying up the local preacher to set up an iced tea social or handing out/posting handwritten bills to reach the people.

    California wasn’t on the radar as an issue when the electoral college was created to ensure people in rural area’s had a voice. It was a check against urban populations becoming THE voice of our nation. Without the checks/balances in our system urban areas would have become royal courts. The ideal was mitigate & minimize disenfranchising the people by the government by making the people the government.

    Obama wasn’t an establishment politician, he was a community organizer using non-profits to promote homeownership under Reaganomics. Banking deregulation quickly lowered home interest rates from the astronomical Carter era double digits ig 17% with 20% down to 9% and PMI (private mortgage insurance) for less than 20% down. Obama was in his second term as a Senator and few outside Chicago even knew his name when his campaign began. Social media took his message beyond the urban areas that knew his name and got him both popular and electoral college vote majorities.

    Ask your friend about Irish immigration to the US in the 60-70’s a white influx with terrorist groups. Ask Catholics about government surveillance from the pews.

    I like to think America is a melting pot where all the base metals form the best alloy in the world while each metal retains its original properties and if they were melted again could be distinguished from one another. We are people not cows milk to be homogenized and pasteurized and manipulated until we fit into someone’s idea of efficient check boxes.

    The difference between middle class then and now… luxury vs necessity was much more clearly defined. People saved their pennies in one jar for a TV and their coins in another for family vacation. Kids learned to budget their money going to the bank each week to deposit their $1 into the ‘holiday Club’, kids got one pair new sneakers and shoes to start the school year too many were feeling like Chinese concubines with bound feet by the end of the year. When Bendix shut down their factory in NJ they moved loyal workers and their families to Indiana or PA to work at other factories owned by Corning or Dow. Now companies laying off workers sign a contract with job recruiters/placement company to help workers write/update their resume. The placement company makes a mint and ten percent of the displaced workers get jobs to maintain their pre-layoff standard of living. That’s ‘progress’ intended to provide services to 100% vs 30-40% of displaced workers at the same cost.

    When towns were destroyed by disaster people were grateful for FEMA and didn’t expect FEMA or the US government to blink like genies and restore their lives to pre-disaster ‘normalcy’ Consider reactions to hurricane Andrew in 92, Missouri flooding in the 90’s, Katrina in NOLA and Sandy in NJ.

    Andrew created new building codes and price gouging laws. Missouri flooding publicized the importance a FEMA homeowner flood policy, Katrina brought cries of not fast enough (and racism), Sandy tents needed WiFi while electric and heat (climate control) were taken for granted. After Andrew Military style showers, toilets and Tide laundry trucks were lauded as the greatest thing since sliced bread. We have come a long way since the time my grandmother marveled over packaged pre-sliced bread. She survived a devastating storm in a root cellar and their careful canning process preserved them from the botulism that killed many who would have survived.

    The ‘wealth distribution’ disparity… then people were more willing to hold on off immediate gratification reserving their resources for long term goals ig canning preserves for the winter or forgoing a malt to add a dollar to towards a coveted purchase. Holiday gifts were geared toward upgraded necessities with one or two absolute luxuries.

    Middle class meant you could afford a roof and food with some amount of discretionary $ towards the life you chose. Then welfare/Medicaid were a means to a roof, food and medical services that distinguished poverty from middleclass. Today’s middle class has much less discretionary income than many on assistance. A single mother in Ohio with two kids would need a job making $62,500 a year with full benefits to replace cash assistance, SNAP (food assistance), subsidized housing, child care and Medicaid.

    Generations of poor (disenfranchised) people including the variously fiscally situated founders of this country used their anger as motivation to change their circumstances. Anger and poverty can be blasting caps but entitlement and disillusioned despair are the c-4. Middle class workers taking payday loans are angry and resent not being able to meet their families needs while a portion of their earnings provide those very needs to others.

    Kids school lunches, fees $75+ a month, discounted group insurance $300-500 a month, $2500-6000 deductible $35 co-pay for the doc or $10-full price for each script, $1500 a month per kid childcare and more have squeezed the middle class to the point of despairing anger…. campaigns like ‘fight for 15’ have pushed that resentment towards fast food franchisee who struggles to pay their home mortgage after they meet their 21% food cost, 30% labor, 40% capital debt service and 7-10% fees/royalties.

    Franchisees can’t afford to pay cashier/order taker’s $15ph so they with shift to a lower labor cost and higher debt service to buy self-serve kiosk terminals with automated cash/credit/debit terminals and more displaced people will wind up on assistance.

    Sorry for going on & on but fixing any of the headline causes du jour aren’t a solution in my book. Taking the money from a handful of corporations with punitive taxes and mandated worker benefits will put them in the same boat as the middle class over the past 50 years.

    End IRS non-profit as it is now, go to a system of tax write-offs for documented charitable services provided. The idea pisses off every org with non-profit status because it puts them on the same footing as individuals. Start withholding 20% on gofundme distributions the same way banks are forced to withhold 20% on retirement account distributions unless account holder proves the money they saved for retirement isn’t taxable.

    The middle class is angry and tired of paying the tab to provide services they can’t afford and aren’t eligible for. Middle class parents carrying 100-400k in students loans at 10% so their kid could get a job making 60k a year and be told about their ‘privilege’ by co-workers pissed off their (check box) scholarships and grants weren’t enough, boast their experience as volunteer organizer for political/protest campaigns makes them more qualified for the job and pooh pooh the value of earning, pizza, gas, car ins and clothes money by working at the Gap all through college cuz those privileged parents. Privileged co-worker paints cheesy smile on face to keep the peace then vents and spreads anger over Turkey.

  60. Sam I want to reassure you that Mike isn’t a white supremacist or kkk member, even if Mike wanted to be, he couldn’t, Michael Payne is not white! Mike was simply stating how 1960’s America is different from today’s America and pointing out statistics that prove the white race is being diluted (not to mention demonized), meanwhile white folk have no say about their race being diluted or demonized and are instantly labeled neo-nazis and white supremacists if they do, as a means of forcing them to stay quiet and told (to add insult to injury) to check their ‘white privilege.’ There is an on going effort to ‘end racism’ by fueling it, movements like ‘Black lives matter’ and the Ferguson protest that were by the way, funded by white billionaire and one world order machine George soros, are funded and used to cause racial tension and division between the populous as a means of furthering the elites agenda of power and control. These elites don’t care about white people or black people or any other race, they care about power and control and racial/cultural division and chaos is just another way of achieving that.

  61. Mike and I also want to say I understood what you meant when you wrote ”encourage women to be unattractive, obese and obnoxious,” this isn’t your opinion, but a simple observation of what is being promoted in media outlets. Their is no denying that morbid obesity is being currently promoted as beautiful, normal and acceptable. Yes a morbidly obese person can be beautiful in that they could have a beautiful personality or beautiful features, but that doesn’t mean we should be promoting morbid obesity as beautiful, in a way that we should aspire to and accept as normal. whats not beautiful, normal or acceptable are all the health complications that go with morbid obesity. You would never see anorexia promoted as a positive life style choice so why is morbid obesity being promoted as a positive life style choice? Officials have now declared that eating healthy is a mental disorder called Orthorexia Nervosa. So if you do choose a positive life style choice by eating healthy you would be considered to have a mental illness.

  62. @BT

    America lost pride in its blue collar workforce. We are dependent on the unskilled labor force. The unskilled labor force is any job available to workers without a HS diploma, degree or specialized vocational/tech training.

    As manufacturing jobs were lost to automation customer service offered security. Before Y2K India had more jobs servicing American consumers than America. Unless you find a mom/pop lunch counter your sandwich is at minimum prepped and often wholly premade in a central kitchen then delivered from the brand’s warehouse. The sub shops we grew up with paid people to roast & slice the meats, prep the garnishes, fold and line the pizza boxes. Olive Garden has used bagged salad for decades to minimize prep labor costs.

    Schools used to take class trips to Dunkin Donuts to watch the baker through the window. Shops with 4-10 bakers trained one to operate the RONDO (automated donut maker) in a central kitchen. Bakers were making $12-16 plus benefits depending on the franchisee. At the central kitchen they joined a union….better insurance but their portion cost double what they used to pay; some retrained as drivers, some took paycuts to become finishers. Those bakers worked for franchisee’s who could afford to pay or borrow the capital needed to buy into the central kitchen. Franchisees who couldn’t ran a lower payroll, paying bakers $10-12 and regularly get ‘notice to cure’ letters from the brand…they couldn’t afford the contracted remodel…they haven’t purchased required equipment for new product rollout, whatever. When a franchisee walks away or de-identifies they always drop employee count. Over the last two years even well performing QSR (quick serve restaurants) dropped their total employee count to get under the Obamacare threshold and will close if they are forced to pay $15ph. The top performers are waiting for the brands to approve self serve kiosks with cash/credit capability.

    How many living cashier’s are working registers at the grocery store these days? Our grocery stores keep converting groups of three check outs into four self-serve terminals. They used to have one person a each group of four, now they often have one person running between two or even three areas off peak hours.

    Obama knew this before he pushed the $15, and later owned up to reality that most jobs paying under $20 will be lost to automation. Only one problem with that…the employers don’t have capital and SBA isn’t lending it to them because we’ve been bailing out the ‘too big to fail’ businesses.

    Perdue doesn’t farm their own chicken they outsource it to contract farmers making less than $15ph themselves until their capital outlay is recouped. Purdue lends them the capital, sells them proprietary feed, and ships them breeding birds. if the birds are sick the farmer eats the loss because they are responsible for the birds once they get them …occasionally Perdue will reimburse farmers for a bad batch of birds.

    Our 80 year old transportation infrastructure certainly needs help…I’m just hoping it won’t end up looking like what’s happened to our countries manufacturing, service and food infrastructure.

  63. So you all jump to defend him in insulting me & for his racist bullshit.
    Worried about how America isn’t going to be White anymore?

    I’m white, never thought about who is having kids with other races cause we are ALL human beings. This isn’t about breeding pedigrees, we are NOT dogs & the AKC.

    Do I think America is demonizing all white people? NO

    Breitbart much?

    LeeLoo “White folks have no say about their race being diluted” WTF

    I am white & from the South, no one I know has EVER voiced that concern.

    Saying he can’t be racist cause he isn’t white is like saying no man can be a sexist cause he is married.
    _____________________________________________ we all originated from Africa

  64. You have the freedom to have kids with anyone who makes that choice with you.

    Can NOT dictate to other people who they have procreate with in America. Nor can you pass laws making interracial relationships & marriages illegal.

    You can NOT legislate people’s sex lives. If you only want to procreate with someone who has a similar ancestry, go ahead. Telling the rest of Americans that they do too, is just lunacy.

  65. @Leeloo,

    Thank you for clarifying that I’m not white. In response to a reader who asked a question about Hillary’s stance on gun control, I did mention that I grew up in the former Soviet Union, but apparently that fell on deaf ears and some people got the impression that just because I discuss racial issues, so I must be from “Sweet Home Alabama”. Well, according to our Brainiac resident Ms. Sam, you don’t have to be white to be racist. Hmmm, in that case, I better get an application ready and submit it to my local Ku Klux Klan office immediately. ; )

    You’re right about the racial dilution, this agenda has been carried out in America and Europe intentionally and systematically for the past half a century, but before I get further into that, let’s establish what “Race” is. For all intents and purposes, race is not just the color of skin, it’s culture, heritage, tradition and national identity. That’s why when racial demographics of a country change, culture and identity of the country changes with it. It’s absurd to think that a country can accept floods of immigrants from around the world and still maintains the same identity. Some immigrants will adopt culture and traditions of the host nation, but many of them keep and practice their own culture and traditions and that inevitably causes a divide in society. The establishment knows this fact and that’s why they promote immigration throughout the Western countries. Their ultimate goal is to break up the Anglo Saxon race and rob them from their culture and identity, because they believe a diverse population with no specific culture and no strong identity is easier to rule. Don’t take my words for it, hear it from them in their own words:

    The first proponent of a unified Europe was the diplomat and Freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. In 1922, he co-founded the Pan-European Union (PEU) with Archduke Otto von Habsburg, Grand Master and Sovereign of the highly influential secret society Order of the Golden Fleece. In 1924, Baron Louis de Rothschild introduced Coudenhove-Kalergi to Max Warburg who offered to finance PEU for the next three years by paying 60,000 gold marks. In 1925, Coudenhove-Kalergi published a book titled “Practical Idealism” in which he described his Utopian vision of Europe, a rainbow society in which all colors, races, religious beliefs and sexual orientations are integrated, and a central government controls every aspect of society including financial, political and military affairs. The following is an excerpt of “Practical Idealism”:

    “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

    Today, Coudenhove-Kalergi is being regarded as a visionary and one of pioneers of modern Europe. Every two years, the Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize is awarded to European leaders who have excelled in promoting what is beyond any political and religious ideology. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is among the recipients of this prize. Needless to say, Merkel’s name will go down in history as the woman who pushed Europe towards breaking point by her hideous policies. In 2015, after Merkel’s invitation, more than one million Middle Eastern and African migrants, most of which are single military aged men, flooded Germany. One year later, the country is on the verge of cultural, economical and social collapse. One out of ten people in Germany lives under the poverty line, women don’t feel safe to leave their homes alone and many German families are fleeing their country. This is forced racial dilution at its worst.

    Sweden is another shining example of forced racial dilution. This small Scandinavian country has become the hub of social experiments. In the 1970’s, Sweden was a homogeneous, prosperous and secure country. Then the powers that be decided the Swedes had it too good, so they planned to flood Sweden with immigrants from all around the world. Fast forward to this day, Sweden has become a failed state, although you don’t hear about this too often in mainstream media. In the first 7 months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women were being raped by Muslim immigrants in the capital city of Stockholm. Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. Stockholm has been nicknamed “the rape capital of Europe”, it has more than 50 “no go zone” neighborhoods controlled by Muslim immigrant gangs where the police and medical emergency personnel don’t dare to enter without proper back up.

    This is a glimpse of harsh realities of the 21st century, no wonder why people are moving away from the establishment and are seeking different alternatives.

  66. Thank you Mike for clarifying my point. Sam you said, ”Do I think America is demonizing all white people? NO” I never said America was demonizing white people. What I said was that the white race is demonized and told to check their ‘white privilege’ especially when addressing their problems with the white race being diluted. You simply demonized mike as a racist for making a simple observation and stating factual statistics. Mikes not kkk member or a nazi for making a simple observation. Sam Ive been in interracial relationships, in fact I was angered when my agent promised a higher fee for a boy/girl scene because the talent was black. I didn’t want more money for a boy/girl scene because the talent was black and was even more outraged when I couldn’t get a contract because of all the interracial scenes I had done. But despite my personal views on racial issues or interracial relationships, I’m not gonna deny the facts of what is currently happening by design. Its not just the white race that is being diluted, its the black race too, In fact professor Griff talks in his presentations of how the black race including culture, traditions and heritage are being diluted and how blacks are being encouraged into interracial relationships with whites in Hollywood as some kind of status symbol. Just because we are making a simple observation, it doesn’t mean me, mike or professor Griff are racist. I don’t think either of us would have any interest in telling people how they should live their lives, if two people are happy and in love in an interracial relationship, then that’s perfectly ok. What we are saying is that the dilution of races including heritage, traditions and culture in the west in being diluted on purpose, by design from an elite establishment that only care to seek their dominance, power and control over society.

  67. Mike I have a couple questions for you, I know you have done quite a bit of research on the elites and you have mentioned in their own words in which way they wish to steer humanity, when it comes to the elites what race are they predominantly? And historically have any of these elites been married or had children with those of another race? While steering humanity in the way they wish, do you think the elites will do the same, in that they will marry and have children with other races?

  68. I know the royal elite blood lines like to breed with blond haired blued eyed whites for what ever reason, but if they are gonna dilute the white race anyway, how would they proceed in furthering their blood lines with a diluted race of beings?

  69. Here Sam I came across a video a couple of weeks ago, that I think you will enjoy. I enjoyed it, call it a token of peace. Again I have no problem with interracial relationships, what I have a problem with is the elites that are purposefully diluting rich cultures, heritage and traditions, for their own agenda of power and control. My problem is when people are instantly labelled a racist, kkk member and Nazi when they do voice their concern when it comes to the agendas of these elites. I hope you enjoy watching the video Sam. Peace.

  70. Sam I forgot to mention the video is called The DNA journey, its only a short video so wont take a lot of your time.

  71. Sam if these elites really had their way and their agenda was fully realized and complete, what do you think would happen to all these rich, diverse, and beautiful cultures, traditions and heritages?

  72. These elites want us to all blend in, dilute, and fit into a notion of sameness. This notion of sameness would strip all diversity, culture, and traditions. Anybody that wanted to celebrate their diversity, traditions and culture would be deemed as ”non progressive” ”non inclusive” and even ”racist.” I say lets celebrate our differences, lets celebrate our cultures and traditions, lets celebrate our racial heritages, after all isn’t that what makes our world so beautiful?

  73. What we are currently witnessing today are the stepping stones towards a one world order which includes one world government, one world religion, one world economy and a diluted race of beings. Sadly world domination is ages in the making and we simply cannot deny what is right in front of our faces. All these religious issues, racial issues, economic issues, immigration issues etc are purposely being brought to the forefront of human consciousness as a means of redirecting the population towards the ‘solution’ being a one world system controlled by the elite. What we are a witness to in current times is the Hegelian dialectic in motion to fulfill an ages old agenda of world domination.

  74. @Leeloo,

    I’ll answer your questions as best as I can:

    Ms. Leeloo: When it comes to the elites, what race are they predominantly?

    Mr. Payne: The elites are predominantly white, their roots traces back to aristocrat families who have been controlling and ruling Europe and consequently America for hundreds of years, and they are often relatives. For example it’s interesting to note that Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor and one of the main conduits of World War One, had cousins among the British royal family and was also cousin of the Russian Emperor Tsar Nicolas II, and yet in spite of such odd family relations, animosities ran deep in Europe at the turn of the 20th century and ultimately they went to war against each other.

    Ms. Leeloo: Historically have any of these elites been married or had children with those of another race?

    Mr. Payne: There is no documented case of interracial marriage among the aristocrat elites that I know of. On the contrary, historical evidence indicates that they will go to extreme lengths and if necessary resort to murder to ensure the purity of their racial relationships. Perhaps one of the most infamous examples is murder of the British Princess Diana that was arranged by the Buckingham Palace and elements within the British intelligent service. Many historians are of the opinion that the main reason for killing Diana was to punish her for her interracial affair with an Egyptian billionaire.

    Ms. Leeloo: While steering humanity in the way they wish, do you think the elites will do the same, in that will they marry and have children with other races?

    Mr. Payne: No, they won’t practice what they preach. As I mentioned before, on the contrary, they will do everything they can to ensure the purity and continuity of their race. If I want to get into why the elite’s racial purity is so important to them, I would have to dig too deep into the rabbit hole and I don’t think the majority of’s readers would be interested in that discussion, but if you’re interested you can check out my web site or a book by investigative journalist Jim Marrs titled “Our Occulted History”.

    I hope my answers were helpful.

  75. Thank you for answering my questions Mike, I will check out our occulted history. I was watching a video of Dick Gregory yesterday and he mentioned that all white folks ain’t white, in that, if you cant call the stock markets and determine if its going up or going down, you ain’t white. He made an interesting point I think. I wonder what these blood lines are and why they feel their bloodlines ensure superiority over the rest of humanity. I guess I will have to research our ancient accounts and texts to determine where all this came from and why these bloodlines ensure ruler ship over humanity.

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