Yar, this BLOWS.

Okay, kids it’s GODDESS…again. I tried to update this thang last night, then Ed did something with the servers and PRESTO! a glitch sent us back to May’s updates….sooooo, let’s try this one mo’ time…..

Mike South asked me to come over here and BRIEFLY mention the fact that he is out of town and won’t be updating till Friday. Screw him. I have his password and all his files, and this time I ain’t budging. The first thing I’m going to do is change his background to putrid pink. He deserves it. Secondly, I got sick of looking up and seeing the name “Mike South” hanging over my head, hence the new and improved title of the page. (I am DRUNK with power.) I want to shout out a big THANKS to VideoEd who left the strip club and the hot stripper chick to help me FTP this site, but not before Ed said, “do you know where I am?” And I’m thinking, “I’m not sure, but I’ll bet my paycheck the word “wasted” is involved.” And he said, “I’m in the VIP room of a strip club.” Next thing I know the stripper gets on the phone and tells me about how hard Ed is. Just what I needed to hear. Talk about Ed’s erection. Ed then informed me that if I ever call him again and introduce myself as “Mike South’s friend,” he’s going to hang up on me. So from now on I shall simply say, “Hey, Ed. This is Mike South’s peon.” I’m sure he’ll know exactly who’s calling. BTW, South did NOT invite me to stay at his condo this time around. He muttered something about “houseguests from Hell” which will result in some puppy clip art for tomorrow’s update.

I had only updated five minutes last night and I got this email from Mike: Goddess, get that fucking pink background off my site or you’ll be wearing my bootprint on yer ass.” Dear Mike, ….AND the horse you rode in on. It’s STAYING, honey!

Last time I updated, I didn’t link to my own site once because I felt that would be tacky and taking advantage of the situation.After that whole “houseguest from hell” thing, I’m not feeling quite so generous. Mike, as you may have guessed, has once again gone fishing. I have three words for that boy: Van De Camps. Word is that the “fishing” involves pussy, a rod and no reel. He’s damn lucky I’m a passive stalker or I’d be down there kicking Southern Belle ass all over the sidewalk. That’s it for now, kids. I have to work on my OWN update, but I’ll be back tomorrow.


3250cookie-checkYar, this BLOWS.

Yar, this BLOWS.

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