Samantha Rone celebrates her freedom from her bad agent

You know your agency sucks when your stars tweet out this kind of message.

So who is she with? Turns out the answer is Matrix Models.

I was surprised she was still repped by him considering he hasn’t sent out an email blast about her to producers since August 31, 2014.

How can you possibly justify not sending out an email blast about one of your performers in 4 years?

Most send out emails to producers every month letting them know which girls are in town and available for work.  Matrix Models didn’t send out a single email to producers about Samantha Rone since August 31, 2014. Why? Is he really just that lazy?

It’s not like he isn’t sending out any of these emails to producers. He wrote one just last week about Paisley Rae and the week before that about Ariel Grace and Aidra Fox. So why ignore Samantha Rone for YEARS?

Producers have long complained about having to work with Matrix Models. He never answers his phone. He’s very unprofessional but he locks girls down to multi-year contracts so it’s not like the girls can do anything about it.

It’s sad really how easily a bad agent can mess with a girl.


218090cookie-checkSamantha Rone celebrates her freedom from her bad agent

Samantha Rone celebrates her freedom from her bad agent

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3 Responses

  1. Karma, I have wondered why she wasn’t with Spiegs to begin with. It sounds like she has essentially been self-booking for years and seems to be doing quite well so maybe she should continue to do so (and not to continue to have to pay 10% to according to her worthless agent just to do the work herself). If she needs or wants an agent Spiegler is probably her best bet and with her work ethic he might actually take her on as a client. I would like to hear John’s side of this, though. The guy didn’t seem that shady on the Netflix series he appeared on other than telling his girls to incorporate (ostensibly to save on taxes but probably actually to allow studios to not keep State Fund insurance on them).

  2. I will comment on John’s not answering his phone. Assuming the pertinent comment in the article is true, how the fuck do you run a talent agency and not have someone to answer the phone and at least take detailed messages (voice mail is too limited for talent booking messages)? I noticed on Hot Girls Wanted that he had Bailey Rayne (who felt ripped off by him according to an interview with Holly Randall but she didn’t say whether he didn’t pay her or if she thought it was too much work for the pay) doing part of his job with new talent but didn’t keep an office (even though he evidently owns the apartment complex he lives and houses his talent in half of the apartments in the complex) — put a fucking desk, computer and phone in one of the apartments and keep a fucking $20 an hour secretary to answer the fucking phone, type out letters/e-mails and other clerical work. Spiegs can be a one-man agency (and I don’t hear agents complaining they can’t get hold of him), no one else in the biz has (or could be expected to have) the willingness and ability to work 18 hours a day and answer his phone at all times.

    It should be noted that Bailey was also supposed to bring in new talent and was paid by how much female talent she brought in — $500 for G/G and $1000 for B/G performers. She was not paid an hourly wage for her chauffeur, talent management or other duties.

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