Word is that Odyessy Group Video is now out of business as is it’s sister company Sundance Publications. Sundance was doomed, Once a high flyer with swingers magazines like Looking Glass, Odyessy, Odyessy Express and UnReal People the bottom fell out of that business thanks to the Internet, now people use yahoo and others to find swinging partners, its faster, its direct contact and it doesnt cost anything.

Odyessy Group Video was a little unexpected but not much, Only Rodney Moore held the fort down over there. Really Popular lines like Shanes World and Private got pulled and OGV was left with little. Bob East is a nice guy, I always liked him but he couldn’t keep up with the times. I contacted him about a year ago with the possibility of distributing my work and he passed, saying he wanted something “different” A week later he announces signing a deal with Julian St Jox or Santino Lee or someone…oh ya thats different….sorry Bob.

No word on who will pick up Rodney or the slowly dying Pick Up Lines stuff from Tom Stone. Look for Pleasure or Hustler Video to make quick moves to pick up OGV Inventory and catalog rights.

I’d like to see Rodney with me at Hollywood Video, personally.

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