Kazoo calls out Lurkingreader

Entertainment at its best…

Kazoo hasn’t straightened out his knickers yet, hopefully he reads this before he starts ranting and raving on his show making a bigger fool of himself about the situation.




As for begging for sex…maybe that was a bit harsh..after all begging people to suck your dick might not be sex but still could explain having your knickers in a wad if you’re holding that dick out for them to play with.

Hope Kazoo’s day starts looking up.

Ps..My tech ability expanded to inclusion of screenshots…maybe Mike can link the uploaded media to make reading easier.

Update: Yes Rob I knew you were trying to make fun of me…I just had a better punch line.

96840cookie-checkKazoo calls out Lurkingreader

Kazoo calls out Lurkingreader

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5 Responses

  1. Daddy always said…if you’re gonna start a pissing match make sure you have a full bladder 😉

  2. Apparently the Kazoo is gonna piss and moan cuz he got bothered reading what I had to say…now for anyone who missed the point of this post…I’m fine with guilt by association but kazoo crossed the line when he assigned knowledge or endorsement of stuff beyond this site and comments I’ve made here.

    FYI…if Mike doesn’t link the forwarded e-mails, I’ll figure out how to post them…though I truly have no clue what the kazoo finds so fascinating in them or their existence to devote a show to them. They don’t say anything I haven’t said in comments.

  3. Hey Lurking reader, I am sadly unable to see the screenshot emails from the great and might Kazoo. Well in reality less than great and mighty if measured up.

  4. @acftmech

    Ty for letting me know…think I deleted them while trying to figure out how to link email to other post…now I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to make those work if they aren’t showing up.

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