Everyone’s Favorite Bisexual PR Dude:

Jason Sechrest is leaving Jill Kelly Productions. His only comment “I’m sick of the drama” Will he tell all? We will see!

OK here is what happened:

Last Fri afternoon around 530 EDT Likewhoa Hosting got their entire data center disconnected from the internet, they hosted thousands of adult sites, this happened with no prior notice, one minute they were up, the next they were gone.

I spent Saturday trying to find out what was happening and if likewhoa would be back up, Nobody at likewhoa would return a call, an email, an instant message, nothing.

Saturday night I procured a new server, the old one is still somewhere at likewhoa hosting. By Monday the server was built and set up at candidhosting in Tampa. Candid hosts some of the worlds largest sites, they wont be going away.

Monday, the IPs were configured and the DNS changes were made and file transfers began.

Tuesday I rebuilt the members section and the password files and now all the files have been restored.

I want to thank you all for your patience in this matter, a new update is coming tomorrow.

To The Rescue:

I want to personally thank Jason Brozena at Candidhosting.com as well as all the tech staff there who got me back alive. On Saturday night Jason contacted me and made me an excellent deal to get my site back up. I never expecting to have my own dedicated server for less than I was paying at Likewhoa for just bandwidth. Even though Candidhosting was getting swamped they got my server up and loaded and running very fast and the tech guys there walked me through my startup issues. My hats off to them for a good job…really good. and if you need a good hosting company that is not fly by night and has a rock solid reputation I give you my word that these guys are as good as they come. Tell him Mike South sent ya! Thanks Candidhosting! and thanks Jason!

RIP Seysha.com

I have decided not to restore the forums on seysha.com the participation was low and theres a zillion other forums out there. Seysha.com will sit inactive for now.

As Most of you already Know:

Tera Patrick has prevailed in a hearing seeking an injunction to bar her from using that name or from working for anyone other than Digital Playground. This is NOT the final word, this was simply a denial of a motion to keep her from working or using that name with anyone but Digital Playground. The net result is that Tera and Whatshisface will have a show on KSEX Radio.

About Jeff at Adult Stars Magazine:

Some lesser washed up porn journalist says that I said that Jeff is going down for using drugs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jeff stepped down from Adult Stars Magazine presumeably because he will be taking, shall we say, a vacation. I actually like Jeff he has always been cool with me and he is generous and I know for a fact he doesn’t use drugs. If Jeff is going away it is for something that I personally think shouldn’t be illegal anyhow and I wish him and Stacy nothing but the best.

There was a pretty big stink over Vicky Vette Last Week

And while I abhor the way she was allegedly treated, after speaking with her I have determined it to be pretty much a non story.

JKP The Plot Sickens:

They released Cynara Fox saying she “just didn’t fit in” IIRC my high low on Cynara’s contract length was 3 months…it lasted 2 months.

Word is that JKP Publisher Jason Sechrest may be bailing. I wonder if he had to bend over for Freidland too?

And what about Nick Manning?

Mark Kernes was banned from the “Impact America Conference”:

Why? Because of his affiliation with AVN. Ok normally this wouldn’t be newsworthy I mean why would a Pro cencorship group want Mark looking over their shoulders and raiding their buffet tables? They do have every right to exclude him. But the larger question looms why does AVN want to send him to this conference in Ohio anyhow? To find the enemies of our industry and root them out and expose them for what they are? I have a scoop for ya…Look in your own back yard. You want to find porns enemies? They are scattered all over porn valley they are brutalizing and assualting young girls, they are endangering these girls lives and sometimes permanently injuring them all because we in porn have no self control. And what about our industry health organisation that has a bad record of misdiagnosis and steadfastly holds to an inferior HIV test that would allow HIV positive performers to slip by and work in the biz?

Shit y’all the enemy ain’t in Ohio, the enemy is in Porn Valley.

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Everyone’s Favorite Bisexual PR Dude:

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