What is Ava Taylor of Hot Girls Wanted doing now?

Ava Taylor was one of the stars of the now infamous documentary “Hot Girls Wanted”.



She attended several of the AHF rallies against the industry and the rumor is the very night the “Hot Girls Wanted” show premiered she herself was on an escort job, while claiming she left porn. Is there any truth to that rumor? I don’t know but it’s been submitted to the site more than a few times by various people.

Ava Taylor - Hot Girls Wanted

So what is this former porn star, who was so a anti-porn doing now?

Well Let’s take a look

That’s right, she’s recruiting new victims girls for Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models.

Anywho who watched Hot Girls Wanted admits Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models is an idiot, especially for agreeing to do the documentary in the first place. Nobody in the whole thing comes off looking like more of a douche bag than he.

He thinks he looks like a hustler or baller, but in reality it really only shows you what kind of low life he really is. That anyone in their right mind would chose to associate with him after seeing that video shocks me to my very core.

But enough about him, what about the girls, the real stars of the show.

In an article on the Daily Dot on June of 2015, they say, “Ava Taylor, has had a more complex relationship with porn and the documentary. She’s done panel discussions and interviews where she’s talked about how she’s glad to be out of the business.”

In an article from the NY Times from that same time period Ava Taylor said, ““I wanted to just make connections, I wanted to know more people. I wanted to know more places. I wanted to know more about myself in general. It was really just a being stuck here thing, and wanting to travel … At first [porn] was cool, but you slowly uncover the potholes of the industry and the more and more aware you get, the worse you wish that you had never gotten there in the first place.”

Hot Girls Wanted chronicles this growing sense of cynicism. We first see [Ava Taylor] as a confident newcomer to the porn world. “We’re free right now,” she says. “The world is in our hands.” Later in the film, she sits on the couch in the Hussie Models residence with a radically different perspective: “The amateur porn world, you’re just processed meat … They don’t care about who you actually are.”

She went on to say “I learned everything about myself when I saw the film. That’s what made me care again. That’s what made me want to say something to other people, that’s what made me have the bigger picture. Because it was all scrambled in my head before … Once I saw the film, I just couldn’t put myself in that position anymore cause of how dumb it made me feel for being there in the first place.”

Since these comments she has gone on to make a handful of new adult movies, and now recruits new talent for Hussie Models.

Her twitter @ava_taylor_xxx lists her as a retired porn star, but she has done adult movies as late as 2017, so it seems she is inching her way back into porn, or perhaps is just lost in the in-between world of not sure what she wants to do with her life but knows she still has to make a living so mind as well get the cash doing porn while she still can – because you know, apparently those Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) anti-porn rallies apparently don’t pay all that well.

UPDATE: That twitter account is fake. For the real story about her life click here.


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What is Ava Taylor of Hot Girls Wanted doing now?

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  1. Why get your body wrecked doing porn for small money (now) when you can escort and make more money on your porn star name and not have to work as hard?

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