Adriana Chechik’s Band of Bullies is Back Again attacking Lana Rhoades

And Adriana Chechik really wonders why people hate on her so much? BECAUSE SHE AND HER BAND OF MEAN GIRLS JUST WON’T STOP SPREADING HATE!

Adriana Chechik’s band of bullies now apparently includes Kimmy Granger. We also know about Abby Lee Brazil but I didn’t know Kimmy Granger was one of them too. That’s good to know. Duly noted.

Kimmy Granger who has never once even met Lana Rhoades had the following things to say about her recently. You’ll notice Abby Lee Brazil chiming in there again. Look at this tweet.

Why so much hate Kimmy about a girl you’ve never even met?

Lana took the high road. “I’m not fighting. I just don’t understand why she won’t leave me alone. I don’t care about her, never met her, don’t want to. I wish she would quit stalking me and posted about me.”

Speaking of Adriana Chechik, she was recently confronted about the multiple lies she said about Lana Rhoades last year and instead of just admitting she was wrong, she got really nasty and said that people need to leave her alone. She’s just trying to put that incident behind her and people keep bringing it up.

Well duh! That’s because you and your little bully friends are still at attacking girls in the industry you don’t like and feel jealous of.

I mean let’s be real – we all know it was just easier to try and get rid of Lana Rhoades than actually have to compete with her.

But then again, what Adriana Chechick and her friends did to Lana Rhoades was nothing compared to what she did to August Ames. Look at this article.

Adriana Chechick made August Ames’ life hell over the last year she was alive. And now that August Ames is dead she actually tries to jump on the #AugustProject for attention?

How fucked up is that?

You hear rumors about porn cliches but until you actually are an insider, you don’t realize just how bad things are with some of these girls. They are manipulative and abusive. It’s sad really that this kind of shit has gone on for so long.

I’ll just remind every porn star this, those who gossip with you will gossip about you. You may think you are in the in crowd right now but trust me when I say those bitches will throw you under the bus the second it suits them.

This will talk shit behind your back. They are not your friends. They are only friendly to you when they need something from you. Never forget that.

Performers should be supporting each other, not actively working to bring each other down.

You talk about how you want people to stop bullying you but then second you get the chance to tear someone down, look at what you do.


219470cookie-checkAdriana Chechik’s Band of Bullies is Back Again attacking Lana Rhoades

Adriana Chechik’s Band of Bullies is Back Again attacking Lana Rhoades

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8 Responses

  1. After August died as a direct result of bullying, you would think things would change. Karma is real and Chechik and her band of bullies are going to get theirs. Kudos to Lana for not engaging or striking back.

  2. This is three different journalists that have identified Adriana and her little gang of misfits as a problem. Grow the fuck up, Adriana et. al. You can push and push but someday it will be aimed right back at you. Eventually you will fuck with the wrong person and have your heads bashed in with a baseball bat, tire iron, lead pipe or some other long, heavy implement if you don’t cut the bullshit out now! Just because Lana didn’t do it doesn’t mean the next victim of your asinine bullshit won’t, I am surprised August’s widower hasn’t done it to you considering you and Jaxton essentially killed his wife.

  3. Lana is arguably the most vapid, narcissistic, and illiterate woman in the industry. She repeatedly lies about her plastic surgery. She also likes to brag about how much money she makes and claims to make more than some doctors. Excuse me if I don’t rush to her defense.

  4. Hop, even if Lana is all of those things she doesn’t deserve Adriana’s campaign of harassment against her. I don’t know exactly what “fell into Tampa Bay” means in this case (several have claimed Lana did just that although I cannot verify it) but if it involves attempted suicide or getting so drunk she can’t walk straight, walking out onto an ocean pier and falling off of it because she couldn’t deal with the extreme bullshit shoved down her throat for what I see as without a good reason than Adriana and her band of idiot friends need a collective enema spiked with Thorazine or Haldol.

  5. This Adriana chick and her little buddies seem to do this to a lot of girls in the industry. Sad shit really. Such a pretty girl, shame she’s so obviously insecure.

  6. Boomcoin, I don’t even get the allure of Adriana Chechik. Her face is almost a horror show, her body is meh at best and she has made enemies of most of the industry’s performers. The chick obviously has no class, needs a Haldol enema and a reduction to gonzo girl status doing Gag Factors, 75 man gokkuns and Facial Abuse. She must be blowing directors or something to get jobs in this industry, I am surprised any performers other than her small band of idiots will even work with her. She helped kill August Ames, drove Lana Rhodes close to insanity and God knows what else she has done that hasn’t made its way out of the woodwork. Adult film would be much better off without Adriana in it. I know if I were directing Adriana would be on my “NO” list!

  7. I saw 1 of Adriana’s “friends” on twitter yesterday tweeting how wonderful her friends are and how happy she is to have them. Little does she know Adriana is talking mad shit being her back telling everyone she gave a bunch of people the clap on a set a few months back. With friends like Adriana Chechik you damn sure don’t need no enemies.

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