Hey, guys, it’s Goddess. If you have been reading the sites schedule page, you’ll know that he is going away this coming Sunday. Schure he says he’s going on a fishing trip, but I firmly believe he’s checking himself into the psych ward for some much needed R & R. When I found out he would have no one updating his site, I told him he **damn well** better pick **me** his loyal stalker to do it. (Okay, I cried and begged like a little girl, and if he had been in the same room with me, I would have attached myself to his ankle like a bratty toddler until he gave in.) The upside is that not only am I going to be writing the updates, but I’m going to be posting them from Casa de South in Atlanta!! I’ve never seen Mike’s condo, but he assures me it looks exactly like this. I’m so excited to be given this opportunity to prove my abilities as a writer…not really, I’m just dying to nose through South’s personal belongings and jill off all over his pillow. I’ll be arriving in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, so expect my first post that evening after I jill off all over said pillow. I’d like to ask you guys to do me two favors. First of all, Mike is forever bragging about what great members he has. (It’s true, he does. It gets downright obnoxious to the four people that read my site.) So please do NOT exit his site in droves Sunday through Wednesday. I don’t care if there’s an earthquake, famine or flash flood, cuz no matter what happens, he’ll blame MOI. Secondly, if I should happen to screw up the update say…five minutes after he leaves the condo on Sunday…and I’m not able to get it straightened out until say…five minutes before Mike comes home on Wednesday, please DON’T TELL HIM. I only agreed to do this when I realized he would be on a boat away from internet service for days, and by the time he returned, I’d be safely back at home. If there’s anything you’d like to know about Mike, but are afraid to ask him, contact me and I’ll be only too happy to give you the straight skinny. Okay, see ya Sunday!



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