I Hate To Do IT 2 Days In A Row But She Earned It:

Goddess Writes:

(3 a.m.) It’s that time of year again, kids. That time of year when the leaves change colors, the air gets nippy and AVN pretends that coming up with nominations for their awards is almost as difficult and time consuming as drafting the Iraqi constitution. They have a picture of a huge pile of vids on their blog, along with the comment, “And that’s just the mountain of discs we went through today.”
Give up the melodrama, people.
You’re not going off to war.
You’re not finding a cure for cancer.
You’re sitting on your asses watching sex videos all day.
If that’s too taxing for ya, I believe the Dairy Queen is hiring.


Sue The Bastids!:

Bornyo Thinks that in addition to PornOhs.com suggesting that Kurt Lockwood might be a little light in his loafers, the guys at PornOhs.com should be sued for ruining the ending to “Catherine” For those of you who don’t know what in the hell I am talking about click the link and read PornOhs, it’s the best satire in porn.

As for Kurt, he threatened legal action against PornOhs but that’s OK Lockwood, with your sixth grade education you probably had no idea that satire is protected free speech…You and Talon make a cute couple though….do you hold hands when you skip to the gym?

OK who can I piss off next?

16770cookie-checkI Hate To Do IT 2 Days In A Row But She Earned It:

I Hate To Do IT 2 Days In A Row But She Earned It:

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