Hi, everybody, it’s Goddess.

Just as a dog returns to his favorite place to shit, I, too, am returning to Casa de South to write Mike’s updates for a week. In exchange for writing said updates, I’ll get lots of tension headaches and little else. At least I don’t have to worry about Social Security taking a hefty chunk of that at the end of the week.I’m busy packing my garbage bag–I mean, “suitcase”–and tomorrow I’ll be heading out for seven days of fun and sun in Atlanta. Does it get any better than that?? Well, yeah, it could if I had a gorgeous guy waiting on me hand and foot, and seeing to my every sexual whim. Well, hell now I’m just depressed…

See ya Monday!

“Changing the world, one trailer court at a time.”

15000cookie-checkHi, everybody, it’s Goddess.

Hi, everybody, it’s Goddess.

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