Goddess writes on her hilarious site:

If the top adult gossips dudes had a lick of sense between them–and apparently they don’t–they’d band together and refuse to print anything about Tera Whatsherface. But natch, they’re doing exactly what she wants them to. She may have disappeared, but they’re keeping her face and name fresh every day with their endless speculations. And this Evan dude must be beside himself with glee that he’s got “media” people wanting to talk to him. He’s not even smart enough to send different emails to different sites. He just calls ’em ALL fourth rate. Gee, I wonder what that makes him? WTH has ever even HEARD of Biohazard? Stop talking about thingamabob and boyfriend, and see how fast she’d come out of the woodwork begging for people to hear her side of the story. Frankly, all they’re doing is helping the boyfriend’s music “career.” I find it all rather amusing in that once again a woman is pulling the strings and the guys are falling all over themselves to dance. **YAWN** And this is the first and last you’re gonna read about this on my site.

Ya this is consuming way too much space here but it IS interesting and as for Evan he keeps posturing but so far he isn’t saying shit. Evan you know my email, you want to call me, whatever I will listen and print what you have to say. You can go on about getting it wrong and fourth hand and blah blah but if you got nothing to say I’m sticking with what I know to be solid sources.

6320cookie-checkGoddess writes on her hilarious site:

Goddess writes on her hilarious site:

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