The Free Speech Coalition Would Like To Clarify Something

One of the great things about this website is that there are many authors, each with their own passions about certain subjects. We may not always agree with each other, but it’s nice that when you come here, you get different points of views. It is for this reason I am posting today. I want you guys to give the FSC a little break. I think there has just been some confusion based on something that someone heard at a meeting, and maybe misunderstood or heard wrong. It seems their recent HIV panel at the AVN show in Las Vegas caused quite a bit of controversy. And while some people who were present heard one thing, that was perhaps not what was intended. To be clear, Eric (@EricPaulLeue)from the Free Speech Coalition wants you all to know that they have no plans at this time to change how PASS works.

Although that being said, they did discuss how PASS might change in the future.

Maybe even add a second system, a sort of PASS+ if you will, that would allow those HIV+ people to possibly “pass” or be approved for working for those who desire to work with them. Although to be clear, no such system has been put in place as of yet. It was just sort of a one day we would like to make this a reality. Or at least that is the way I understood him to mean it.

His exact words were “it was all speculative. PASS has not changed.” This means that maybe those in attendance possibly thought this was them saying this IS how it is going to be. That is where the confusion possibly comes in. To be clear he says All discussions related to PASS, including the development of a separate testing system, were and are theoretical.

I realize others have said they have recordings that may dispute this. I know Eric though and ask that you give him the benefit of the doubt. I really believe that if he says he was just talking about “one day maybe” then he really meant that. He’s not a bad guy and I know he has our performers best interest at heart.

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The Free Speech Coalition Would Like To Clarify Something

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2 Responses

  1. I get that Pepe LePew may have misspoke. However, the industry should never allow a HIV positive talent to fuck HIV negative talent unless the people involved are husband and wife. I can support serosorting but I will say it again, allowing HIV positive talent fuck those without HIV on a porn set is asinine and should only be allowed between a husband and wife. People with HIV must learn that they may not fuck HIV negative people and accept that they are limited to the HIV positive dating pool for life! Sorry but the general talent pool members don’t want some skank’s HIV infection. I wonder if Pepe LePew has HIV and wants to fuck hot female talent like Lena Paul, Aaliyah Love and the adorable Shae Celestine — or maybe he is into the trashy chicks and wants to fuck overly tatted skanks like Bonnie Rotten and Joanna Angel. If Pepe LePew (excuse me, Eric Leue) is human and has a higher IQ than either a grapefruit or a pumpkin then that is the only possible reason he could have to consider allowing HIV positive performers in the general performer pool! Fuck you, Eric Leue for even considering allowing HIV positive performers in the general talent pool — and may you choke on your bear’s cock tonight!

  2. Why not just make all performers HIV+ and do away with this nonsense? Of course I’m joking but the rate this is going it won’t be an too far fetched in the near future.

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