Hey, they did hear me knocking:

Hi Mike,

We could easily say that we are opposed to what they are doing. What would that accomplish? They are private companies making business decisions. The same kind of decisions that we insist our own member companies be allowed to make.

The only possible area I can see where we could present an argument for governmental relief is under the laws regarding restraint of trade, but we would lose there too, because the CC companies can argue, very powerfully, that it would be restraint of their trade rights for the government to step into this situation, which the government would be most unlikely to do anyway.

How come you only write me when you’re pissed about something? Actually I appreciate your gadfly nature. I wish there was something “real,” not just publicity BS, that FSC could do to help the Inet guys on this issue. I know it is a big problem, but as most of the larger players say, it has to be looked at as a cost of doing business, and companies will find other ways of getting the revenue stream back, i.e., pre-paids, piggy-back billings, etc.

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I’m gonna reserve comment on this one maybe you guys would like to say something?

5520cookie-checkHey, they did hear me knocking:

Hey, they did hear me knocking:

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