Diane Duke Is Straight Up Lying To You…. Again.


One of my readers pointed out that there was a charge for talent  to be in the APHSS Databse.

Diane Duke went all out on the boards saying that wasn’t true that there had never been a charge to be on the APHSS Database

Well there may not be one NOW but there certainly WAS one

Google never forgets

Producers that are members of FSC and wish to access the test database are expected to pay $150 per month. Non-FSC members would pay $250 per month.

Talent that wants to be listed in this FSC run database is charged $50 per year.

Other than the “FSC Member” discount, none of these prices have a thing to do with FSC membership.

It’s past time for some honest and decent leadership in the FSC, Diane Duke needs to be shown the door.

63050cookie-checkDiane Duke Is Straight Up Lying To You…. Again.

Diane Duke Is Straight Up Lying To You…. Again.

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