An FSC Update…Your Money At Work

Up in Sacramento the Assembly Public Safety Committee just heard a bill that would fund a law enforcements task force to go after people who pirate products such as adult videos. 

Free Speech Coalition did not support the bill.  According to the author’s office FSC has done nothing at all to help the bill along, even though we all know the industry has been severely victimized by piracy.


The anti-piracy bill is AB 819 and it was introduced by Assemblyman Chuck Calderon, who is the same lawmaker that keeps trying to get porn tax legislation passed each year.  One of my earlier stories predicted that Free Speech Coalition would do nothing to help this bill because their membership *includes* people that pirate these products and steal from the rest of us.


Every year around this time, Assemblyman Calderon has introduced his porn tax legislation.  Has anyone stopped to think about the ridiculous mixed message it sends, and what lawmakers are going to think about the validity of Free Speech Coalition’s claims, that a porn tax would hurt sales and reduce revenues for people who are already being victimized by piracy, when those same people have done nothing to help the anti-piracy legislation?  That is such a stupid contradiction.


This foolish lack of any strategy, or perhaps internal pandering to a pirating portion of their membership that actually hurts the rest of the legitimate membership, is precisely why Free Speech Coalition should be shunned and replaced with people who actually care about the future financial well-being of the adult entertainment industry.

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An FSC Update…Your Money At Work

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