Belladonna and The Fame Awards

Ok so the scuttle is that Belladonna doesn’t “support” the Fame Awards because they are “fixed”

I’m not going to say that’s true or not true but I will point some things out here to you guys running these Awards that depend on online voting

Most of the high end girls in this biz have very savvy webmasters and it isn’t hard for these guys to get a very accurate picture of how voting in a particular category is going.  They can funnel traffic through a site like, put google anlytics on it and get a very accurate picture of how voting is going for their girl.  Combine that with tools that help judge total traffic to a site and they probably know if you cheated.

And lets not even go into the proxy stuff…they can use that and really fuck you up.  So if you are thnking that you can choose one of your advertisers or friends who you want to win and nobody will be the wiser you better pay very close attention to the real voting tallys because unless its very close chances are you are going to be called on it, and the person calling you on it probably already knows more than you about what is happening.

But the truth is online voting isn’t even an accurate way to judge fan response to begin with.  A company with a large budget can buy votes simply through advertising.

So bottom line, if you want your awards to have integrity, keep it honest, farm out the tallying of the votes to an unassociated third party and make sure the people setting up your online voting know what the fuck they are doing.

Or it will be your undoing.

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Belladonna and The Fame Awards

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