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The City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama has passed a law making it illegal to have furniture and refrigerators on your porch. I am dead serious. The home of the University of Alabama seems to have a problem with this….Food for thought if yer thinking of sending a kid there for an education.

One student who was interviewed cried that “It just is not fair, I’m a student working my way through college and I can’t afford to have someone hault this stuff to a dump”

Jill Kelly was out celebrating her birthday and almost lost an arm. The story is that she locked her keys in the house and returned after a night of partying. She put her fist through a window to get into her house and severed an artery. Whatever happened really thats a nice spin by Jason Sechrest. Note to Jill…Hide a key someplace and watch some TV Movies…you wrap your shirt around your arm and hand before doing that.

And last but not least John Stagliano is once again a hero. Evil Angel is suing ABC Primetime for unauthorized use of copyrighted images and music in ABC’s story on Belladonna. ABC will no doubt claim “Fair Use” but Evil Angel contends that they used music from Fashionistas under images from movies that are not Evil Angels…that would not likely be deemed fair use in court. No date has been set and as far as I know the suit has not yet been filed only promised.

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Some Random bits:

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