Dana Vespoli’s ‘My Stepson Is Evil’ Explores Twisted Familial Taboos

How dark can “taboo relations” porn go? Director Dana Vespoli probes the XXX niche’s unwashed underbelly in the arousingly disturbing vignettes of “My Stepson Is Evil.”

Impressive acting and riveting sexual performances combine with cinematic production values as blackmail and intimidation coerce comely MILFs to taste the most forbidden fruit. The new Evil Angel Films project premieres today on DVD and VOD, and the entire release is now available at EvilAngel.com. A trailer at EvilAngelVideo uncovers some of the thrill and revulsion of Oedipal corruption.

“I thought it would be fun to give the popular taboo theme of stepmoms and stepsons a little twist by creating stories where the stepsons are sociopaths and the stepmoms are consumed by fear, arousal and shame,” declares the director. “The shame/arousal/fear triad is my jam.”

My Stepson is Evil
India Summer in ‘My Stepson is Evil’


When all-natural MILF-next-door India Summer arrives at home, stepson Logan Pierce reports that her husband is fertilizing the garden. In the old man’s absence, Logan reveals unhinged desires for maternal relations. India objects that his handsy advances are inappropriate. She can’t bring herself to look at Logan, even as she finds herself getting off on forbidden sensations.

Evil Angel founder John Stagliano lauds “My Stepson Is Evil” for “sexual story telling at its creepiest.” He says, “The intersection of arousal and danger is explored. And the women are all talented actresses and great sexual performers.”

Evil Angel Films’ “My Stepson Is Evil” premieres August 19 on all platforms. The great Vespoli’s twist on taboo relations proves that forbidden fruit tastes especially tangy blended with fear, arousal and shame.

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Dana Vespoli’s ‘My Stepson Is Evil’ Explores Twisted Familial Taboos

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  1. Whats up with all the incest themes in porn? They can’t come up with better ideas then the stepmom fucking her stepson or the daddy fucking his daughter?

  2. I dare say, those themes have been around for thousands of years. As the kids might say today: #classics

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