One Year Ago Today:

Janine Is Going To Marry Lexington Steele:

According to her it’s true love and has nothing to do with her former hubby (and father of her daughter) Jesse James being a bigot. Lex is tired of “being a slave to the white man” and will quit porn to move back to syracuse where he is an alumni. he will take a job there teaching on his new 40 acre plot of land, word is he got a mule too. No word on if the mule is embarrassed by the fact that Lex has a bigger dick.

Ed Powers To Get His Penis Molded:

Apparently Ed isn’t the only one who thinks his penis is perfect, word is that a major manufacturer of toys is going to mold it, when asked about it the HWMIC commented that they would save a lot on materials cuz it would only require about 25% of what others require.

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One Year Ago Today:

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