TT Boy Wanted In Colombia: (From )

A Warning for TT Boy

For those who don’t know… TT Boy shot in Colombia for one of his DVD series and that DVD has been copied and is selling on the streets of Colombia for $2 USD. It’s a big deal down here and the people are pissed. I mean really upset.

It has made the evening news in Cartagena and you are now a wanted man here. Come back here with EXTREME caution because you have some pissed off boyfriends and the policia looking for you.

From what I understand the scene where you have the girl say “I am stupid whore” really got them pissed off.

Way to go. Not only is it your ass they want but you just made my job really fucking difficult. All the girls are scared of the gringos making pornos now and the policia are on the hunt. I’ll be in Cali in a few days (where you shot) and I’m hoping it’s not as messed up there as it is in Caragena.

Of all the countries you don’t want to be wanted in, Colombia comes to mind as being at the top of the list. Home of the “Colombian Neck Tie” and militant groups who kidnap gringos, cut of their fingers and mail them to their parents in hopes to get a ransom.

TT Boy… Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Be careful down here if you come back.

My Heart Goes Out To You Folks In Mississppi, Alabama and Louisiana:

Who have had their lives devasted by Hurricane Katrina, which is looking more and more like the most destructive hurricane of my lifetime. As I watch the TV and surf the news sites it’s almost incomprehensible to me the amount of damage that mother nature has wreaked with this one.

From Keyser Soze:

Digital Playground has already been heavily investing in Joone’s next big budget feature movie, called IMPLANTS. Think about how much they have spent already!

OK That IS funny….


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TT Boy Wanted In Colombia: (From )

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