I Hate Being Right All The Time:

Digital Playground and Tera Patrick jointly announced that they have amicably resolved their differences.

Vivid Entertainment will compensate Digital Playground with an undisclosed amount, and Patrick will become a Vivid girl.

Digital Playground will continue to market its exclusive “Tera Patrick Virtual Sex” line of novelties with California Exotic Novelties, and Digital Playground will continue to operate TeraPatrick.com.

Patrick’s husband Evan Seinfeld will be performing as her sexual partner.


More On Sunset: (You REALLY Read it HERE FIRST!)

Press Release Kit Kat Guest Ranch




(Carson City-12/9/2003) Just in time for the Christmas Season the Kit Kat Guest Ranch, www.cathouselovers.com, has announced the newest addition to the Kit Kat line-up. This is none other than the Princess of Porn herself, Sunset Thomas. Sunset along with Caressa Kisses are together again and join forces with the lovely Rebecca Love and other top porn entertainers to create an alliance that will go down in the Nevada Brothel history.

Formally of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch Ms. Thomas has left Dennis Hof and will become a regular at the Kit Kat coming up on an appointment only basis. You can contact and make appointments with Ms. Thomas at 866-525-7399.

In further developments Sunset Thomas has formally announced the signing of Steve Seidman and S&S Pro Talent Management to an agreement to take care of all her personal and business affairs.

Sunset Gone from Bunny Ranch and Dennis Hof:

Porn’s most unlikely couple are no more. Sunset has bailed on Dennis Hof, Owenr of The Bunny Ranch.

Uh Oh Kylie Ireland is Pissed at me;

seems she is mad about my posting the evite on my site…Saying it was a private event…well hello Ms Ireland why do you think I didnt print the address or the phone number? Jeez…..

Seems wankus is Pissed too…

He said I got the Kevin Moore story all wrong I tust he is gonna send me the right version.

“Check your facts. You got it all wrong.

If you want the story ask.

I’m very dissapointed you would print such incorrect info without checking with me first.

This is not a ha ha with us. You crosed the line on this one because your info is incorrect and puts us in a bad light when in fact the situation happened nothing like you describe. Check with Kevin.

BTW…Kevin did not pay the admission, he went home.”

When I get Made President:

I’m Starting a New Reality Series:

Due to the popularity of the Survivor shows, Mike South is planning to do his own version, entitled “Survivor: Georgia Style.”

The contestants will start in Atlanta, travel down to Macon and over to Albany. From there they will head to Valdosta, Waycross, Tifton and
Statesboro. They will then proceed to Augusta. Then up to Lavonia, Clayton, over to Rome, Cartersville and then back to Atlanta. Each will
be driving a pink Volvo with New Jersey license plates and large bumper stickers that read:
‘I’m Gay’,
‘I’m a Vegetarian’,
‘NASCAR Sucks’,
‘Go Yankees!’,
‘Smoking is for Idiots’,
‘Hillary in 2004’,
‘Deer Hunting is Murder’ and
‘I’m Here to Confiscate Your Guns!’
The first who makes it back to Atlanta alive, wins.


OK I Promised Pamela Peaks This One:

She is having a party in Vegas at Seven…(the club not the time (not to be confused with Morris Day and The Time)). It will be at 11 (the time not the club). Right after the AVN Awards show. she says its the Official AVN after party but I don’t know about that since AVN ain’t sponsoring it.

What I do know is there will be pornchicks there…prolly several, I also know that there will be guys there…prolly LOTS since the cover is a mere ten bucks. (Word to the show organizers…wanna make it good charge single guys 50 bucks and couples 20. You will get a better mix.

for ore info, go to www.pamelapeaks.com

Bob and I Agree:


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a Tera fan, especially her earlier stuff. Her scene for Joey Silvera early on was a bit Diva-ish for my tastes — when she’s telling Joey about her upcoming layouts – but the scene was hot. As was the scene she did for Real Sex. Later stuff, when she became a huge star was less interesting, and her one anal was a waste of time.

All of that said, I still enjoy her work. But, the whole tatoo thing turns me off. So, the thought of watching her with Evan is a complete sedative. Plus, he seems to be completely against the whole couples friendly atmosphere at Vivid. Do 30-something housewives want to watch Evan Seinfeld? Yuck.

Unless she’s doing serious facials or anal for Vivid, I just don’t see it. But what the heck do I know.

More than Vivid I will wager.

Nice work with Felicia Fox, by the way.

Thanks man she was a blast! her Bukkake that he is referring to is at www.southernbukkake.com

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I Hate Being Right All The Time:

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