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You pull a review that puts Digital Playground in a bad light, and you call it being “filled with the Christmas spirit”? That must be some sort of Southern term I’m not familiar with. Up North, we’d call that “PLAYING FAVORITES” Mr. Fair and Impartial. May I recommend slathering your lips with medicated chapstick the next time you feel the need to do some heavy duty butt kissing? I’m sorry, the next time you’re “filled with the Christmas spirit.”
I have one question for you: if JimmyD or some other director/company made that movie, would you have pulled the review for them???
Christmas spirit my ass.

“Changing the world, one trailer at a time.”

Sigh….For once in my curmudgeony life I decide to do something kind and you’d think I sold military secrets to the Taliban LOL…

Pulled Digital Playground Review:

Geez the damn thing wasn’t even down an hour and I had a record number of emails about it.

Here’s the facts….I didn’t really think the movie was up to par for Digital Playground. Yes I was asked to pull the review and in the spirit of Christmas I pulled it. My opinion of the movie hasn’t changed and I didn’t pull it for any reason other than I just felt benevolent, call it filled with the Christmas spirit.

If you want to read what the other sites are saying, go there and read their reviews of it.

If you want the review in its entirety email me and I will send it to you.


A Closing Note on Jim Holliday:

From www.theworldofgoddess.com

I was really shocked and saddened to hear about Jim Holliday’s passing. Lo’ so many years ago, I was trying desperately to get a picture of my favorite porn actor of ALL time, John Leslie. I exhausted every avenue, until I bought Jim’s book and decided to write to him. He not only sent me this pic of him and John, and this pic of him and Sharon Kane, both personally autographed by John, Sharon and Jim, but he called me to make sure I received the pics. The picture of John and Jim still remains framed and on my desk, a symbol of a lot of things, none the least of which is perseverance and a reminder of the kindness of strangers, and how one small act can mean so much to someone. I only talked to Jim three or four times, but I will forever remember his kindness to me.

” Yup you read that right, he not only sent the pics but he called to make sure she got them. Say what you want about Holliday but that was a stand up thing to do and a good way to end my writings on his death”

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Goddess, As Usual, Has a Comment:

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