Fish: 10 Fishermen: 0

That’s right … a big goose egg. We headed out offshore this afternoon and after we got about a mile out we hailed the Coast Guard for a radio check….silence…meaning we had a problem with the VHF “Ship to Shore” Radio. So we satyed on the close by inshore wrecks. We went out about 3 miles to a sunken tug boat called “The Kaiser” It’s in about 50 feet of water. Soon as we go a free line out we got a hit, a big Cobia….It tangled in the anchor line and broke free. The rest of the day was similar we had 10 hookups in all and did not get a single fish to the boat. We lost a BIG Grouper and a smoker Kingfish too. We got a new radio and we will head out again in the morning, this time for snapper….I guess at least the PETA people should be happy…

It’s pretty fucked up when I go out fishing and return only to have to eat fish at Captain D’s

DP Makes ammends:

Trixie got a call first thing this morning and they set up her meeting…its a week late but hey…better late than never… Meantime Dave Cummings and Bobby R you guys read this site…you wanna shoot Trixie lemme know and I will forward her phone number…or you can contact Tim Case who also knows how to reach her.

Anyone else wanting to shoot Trixie while she is in L.A. is welcome to contact me as well….Thanks.

8260cookie-checkFish: 10 Fishermen: 0

Fish: 10 Fishermen: 0

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