Don Hollywood Hits The Big Time, Makes

L.A. defense attorney moonlights as porn star “Don Hollywood,” appearing in flicks such as “Justice Your Ass”

Was I Wrong? Jim Crawford Writes:

Hi Mike,

I must say I love all the press. Also let me say thank you for taking down my address
As to the titles you keep referring to Mad Skillz and She’s got Mad Skillz, look a little harder and see if you can find the same cast besides Jenaveve Jolie or the same D.O.P. If you would like some screeners you could have just asked and I would have sent them out to you. I know you really didnt do your homework on this one, but hay, win some, and lose some.
Also find someone to say yes Jim Crawford fuck me over. You will not. As you already know from the lack of emails from your latest posting. But give it a few days you never know!

And as to the bitch slapping, I have been nice to you, no need to go there, it is just porn.

By the way say hi to Sam, Joone and Adella for me…

Jim says they are NOT the same movie. and for the record I talk to A-Dell almost daily, much to her chagrine. I talk to Sam when we are at a show and I see her before she sees me and I talk to Jewn when I threaten to post a picture of him if he doesn’t respond….

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Don Hollywood Hits The Big Time, Makes

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