Digital Playground Goes All Out On Pirates:

The trailer looks good, real good! Michael Ninn is said to be throwing a hissy fit as Pirates is about to eclipse his little Catherine movie. But don’t take my word for it check out the Pirates Trailer Here.

Now contrast that to the Catherine trailer and tell me which looks like a real movie trailer.

Will Pirates cross over to mainstream? I kind doubt it but it’s nice to see some one REALLY raise the bar in porn once in a while, usually raising the bar in porn equates to making it a bigger and bigger freak show, it’s nice to see something positive and well done.

Mexico Beach Got Spared Again:

But Katrina really mucked up the MBARA Kingfish tournament, my buddies on Team Chaos took 1st place with a 35 pounder but they paid for it…the seas were extraordinarily rough and pretty much the whole boat got seasick but they knew that if they could just catch one nice king they’d have it in the bag…and they did!

I cancelled my trip so…no fishing pictures….

Once a Sell Out Always a Sellout:

Is there any doubt in anyones mind that the sell out guy over on the now MUCH lesser site is being paid to slam Bridgette Kerkove and Praise Skeeter? The trick to a campaign like that is NOT to be so fucking obvious about it…and this scumbag says AVN reviews were bought and paid for…..well we at least know WHO at AVN was for sale don’t we?

I’m Coming I’m Coming…To Los Angeles:

Sept 10-14, I don’t know what I’m gonna do there…But I will think of something….

Ron Royster…He Could’a Been A Contenda:

Ron sent me his reel and it got me to thinkin. You see Ron was here in Atlanta 2 years ago shooting what was his vision of a new concept in porn.

He shot Goth Girls, real ones and he made a hardcore documentary about the alt-porn lifestyle and the people in it. I went to the premeire over a year ago and its was very well done…really slick and interesting.

He shot it for Adam and Eve, who for whatever reason, shelved it.

Along came a guy who called himself Eon McKai, he got some porn chicks, dressed em up as goth girls and made a video he called “Kill Girl Kill” and VCA got behind it and now McKai is heralded as this “visionary” director who single handedly discovered alt-porn.

And nobody in porn has even heard of Ron Royster…Too bad Adam and Eve didn’t have the vision that VCA had. Ron deserves better.

Here’s a link to Rons Reel…check it out and see what I mean

16210cookie-checkDigital Playground Goes All Out On Pirates:

Digital Playground Goes All Out On Pirates:

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