Digital Playground Ducks Teagan Questions

I got A-Dell on IM this afternoon and asked about Teagan…heres the confab:

[13:42] South1226: you wanna give an official statement on Teagan
[13:43] adella: sure.
[13:43] adella: we love her.
[13:43] South1226: do you own the name teagan or does she is there going to be an issue over that?
[13:44] adella: we hope to work with her on projects in the future.
[13:44] adella: we support her.
[13:45] *** “adella” signed off at Thu Nov 01 13:45:18 2007.
[13:45] South1226: will she continue to use the name teagan or will she have to change it?
[13:45] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

Appears to me DP may not be as supportive as Adella claims, she clearly had no intention of answering that question.  Time will tell

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Digital Playground Ducks Teagan Questions

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