A New Standard Has Been Set.

A New Standard Has Been Set.

This movie was a monumentally ambitious undertaking, specially for porn and damned if Digital Playground and Adam and Eve didn’t pull it off, better even, no make that WAY better than anyone would have imagined.

The movie is full of impressive first in a long times and more than a few first evers.

Lets start with the premiere last night, it was at The Egyptian Theater, thats a 60×40 foot screen and the DVD projection and surround sound looked and sounded good…very good. To be certain this HiDef feature could pass itself off as shot on film, and in all honesty is better shot than any of the AVN Winners for best film over the last 12 years or so. That’s not taking away from those winners, it’s just that “Pirates” is that good.

The shots and the color palette are perfectly matched, the CGI is well done and even the sex, which usually falls flat in these things, is hot. For the most part the sex has enough of a purpose to keep the viewer from drifting too far away from the story, which is actually decent. The characters develop well and Evan Stone does a good job. The two real standouts though are Tommy Gunn and Janine who both did a fantastic job of bringing their characters to life.

I wanted to be able to joke about this movie but I just can’t. “Pirates” does have some genuinely funny moments, showing that even the movie itself doesn’t take itself too seriously. Instead of pretense the movie relies heavily on good old fashioned movie making basics.

Joone, Digital Playground and Adam and Eve are sitting on a winner here That I would put the budget for this film is in the 7 digit range, is impressive and if it makes money it may well usher in a whole new genre of adult oriented entertainment. Not since the “Golden Age” of porn has something like this been done, “Pirates” deserves to be in the company of the best of the best, up there with “The Devil in Miss Jones”, “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” and “Cafe Flesh”. But while the aforementioned movies saw most of their play on theater screens, “Pirates” will see it’s play on Television screens. That said, “cult” movie status might be elusive but credit has to be given in huge amounts to “Pirates” It shows what this industry is capable of, when we want to. “Pirates” isn’t just a quick buck porn movie, it is motion picture art. It doesn’t compare to “Pirates of the Carribean” but then neither does the budget and “Pirates” does compare more favorably than anything that has come out of Porn Valley in a long, long time.

“Pirates” has lived up to it’s hype look for it to sweep at the AVNs

Best feature, best actor, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best direction, best cinematography, to name a few and it’s worthy.

God I wanted to be able to bag on this movie just a little…….

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A New Standard Has Been Set.

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