Devon Michaels Loss:

My good friend Devon Michaels has lost a family member, her father passed away yesterday. My condolences and heartfelt sympathy go out to Devon and her family, When I asked her if she wanted me to post this she replied:

“That would be very sweet.
He received a lot of blood transfusions, and he designated the American Cancer Society as his charity of choice. He wouldn’t care if it was in his name or his memory– he just always encouraged people to give blood and give to any charity they beleived in. He was an organ donor, but knew they wouldn’t take his organs because of the leukemia– he thought he could at least donate his corneas, but they told us after they couldn’t use anything- not even his corneas– that would have broken his heart. He really was a giving person.”

If you would like to express your sympathy to Devon Please email her via her website and if you can spare a dollar or whatever please donate to the American Cancer Society. Thank You!

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Devon Michaels Loss:

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