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Ask a Question 6

From Hunter: Why do you carry your wallet in your left back pocket? LOL…It’s because I am right handed more to the point I carry concealed on my right hip

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Ask a Question 5

JohnW asks: Have you ever been arrested?….and if yes…for what exactly? Oh ya, more than once even, never spent more than a few hours in jail, no felonies and none

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Ask me a Question 4

From Pornlife:  If you could fuck 1 pornstar, who? I presume you mean one I haven’t so let’s go from there. The one that stands out above all others…..I like

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Ask a Question 3

From Steve Hardeman:  If you dug a hole through the center of the earth,and jumped in, would you stay at the center because of gravity?…Oh, also, on the center of

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Ask me a Question 2

This one came via IM from Kayden Kross:  Please tell me oysters served on the half shell are not still alive. The answer is yes, but they are very close

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Ask a Question 1

Backspace asks:  what are you optimistic about? While it might seem I’m rather pessimistic that really isn’t true, for example I’m optimistic that my life is going to be, for

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