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More 2257 Thoughts

OK heres whats next and what may be coming first the government can request an en banc hearing of the 6th circuit, this means instead of three judges all the

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J D Obenberger Sends This

Hi, Mike – I’ve been in Berlin since Thursday for Venus-Berlin. I’ve gotten a copy of the decision but have not read it yet. Inasmuch as almost all of the

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Why Do I Always Have To Be Right

Judge Miller Issues Interim Decision on 2257 Cleveland, OH – On Tuesday, October 23rd the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit issued its decision in the case

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2257 What’s next?

There are 2 possibilities, one is that the government will petition the court for an en banc hearing.  The hearing that ruled against 2257 only consisted of 3 judges an

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Some Comments On The 2257 Ruling

You can bet your collective asses that the Free Speech coalition is working their collective asses off right now trying to figure out how they can spin this to look

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