Maybe you need to take a break: Thoughtz that make you think

Overheard on a recent Porn set between 2 actresses. I thought to myself, maybe you need to take a break: Thoughtz

Articles that creates thoughtz

“I was fucking a friend at home, and he asked me if I was comfortable. I thought that was a strange question until later I realized he was fucking me in my ass. I didn’t notice or feel his cock in my ass.”

What would you tell them?


707731cookie-checkMaybe you need to take a break: Thoughtz that make you think

Maybe you need to take a break: Thoughtz that make you think

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6 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t tell them anything. I’d tell YOU you’re in dire need of a remedial grammar class.

  2. From the use of “me self” the reporter sounds like he is from Ireland. This is actually acceptable grammar there. The English we speak in the States is different from what is spoken in Canada and the UK which is different from what is spoken in Ireland which is different than what is spoken in Guyana (formerly British Guiana), all countries where English is either the official language or nearly universally spoken.

  3. That shit I’m Guyana is not English. I used to work w a whole set of those people. I just yes them to death

  4. I’m inclined to disagree, Dr. Harris. I believe he’s from the US since he writes “ass” rather than “arse.”

  5. Mozilla, I said that Guyana was formerly British Guiana. Guyana attained independence from the British and had a name change in 1966. I know that most people there speak English quite well, it is actually an official language and you can conduct business at government offices in English there. Maybe I will get to Georgetown before I pass away, I am craving some fresh exotic fruit (the kind that actually grows on trees). You can get fresh exotic fruit (and about anything else that is legal and that you need) at Stabroek Market which is essentially an indoor flea-type market. Unfortunately, Guyana is best known for both the Jonestown Massacre mass cyanide poisoning perpetrated by Jim Jones and the shootout at Port Kaituma airport on the same day in 1978 (Jim Jones himself either was shot or shot himself that day and both stem from the same incident).

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