WWE Diva Tammy Lynn Sytch Arrested for her 6th DUI

Tammy Lynn Sytch, a WWE Diva and pro wrestling beauty known as “Sunny” who infamously released a sex tape a few years ago was just jailed after her 6th DUI arrest.

According to TMZ the 46-year-old was driving the WRONG WAY on a one-way street around 6:30 PM on Saturday. She also blew through a stop sign. When cops pulled her over, officers noticed she had an alcoholic container in the car and believed she was drunk — so they arrested her on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Cops say during the incident, they also realized Sytch was driving on a suspended license and she had two outstanding warrants out for her arrest.

Sytch was taken into custody and hauled to a nearby station. She was eventually released after facing a judge via video conference. Sytch has a long and sad history with alcohol abuse and police. She’s been arrested for drunk driving 6 times starting back in 2012 and just last year, she served 8 months in jail after 3 DUI arrests in 2018.

She is widely considered the first WWW Diva and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.



397470cookie-checkWWE Diva Tammy Lynn Sytch Arrested for her 6th DUI

WWE Diva Tammy Lynn Sytch Arrested for her 6th DUI

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  1. How did she stay out of prison long enough to get six DUIs? Three in a lifetime is a felony in Michigan (and out of state DUIs count), if you have three in ten years the minimum is five years in prison (and we have prison truth in sentencing so you do the whole bit) and even three in more than ten years is a year mandatory in jail and will more than likely get someone prison time (we still have “good time” in jail but not in prison and judges know it — many will manipulate sentences to make sure someone goes to prison rather than jail due to no “good time” available there). I hope Sunny likes prison cells, eating out some prison bitch’s snatch, getting bubba guard dick up her ass and being handcuffed for hours on end. After six DUIs that is what she is likely facing. How stupid can she be, that many DUIs are a felony in 49 states (New Jersey does not have a felony DUI law on the books)?

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