We found the Blac Chyna sex tape everyone is talking about. This you’ve gotta see!

Who knows how long the Blac Chyna sex tape will be up. But for now here is the 13-minute video that everyone is talking about. It was weirdly lame and the ending was the worst. “I’m scared …………”




For those of you don’t know who Blac Chyna is, she was married to Rob Kardashian for about 5 minutes. They had a kid together, which they named Dream Renée Kardashian. Prior to that, she had a kid with Tyga.

When the news broke that Blac Chyna had a sex tape, nobody was surprised. She claims it was “leaked” but I’m sure you know how that goes.

The sex tape is with Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend Mechie and he claims he is pissed about the leak. In fact, he claims he’s pursuing the matter with the cops and wants the person who leaked it found and prosecuted under the newly formed revenge porn laws.

Now if he didn’t leak it, and only he and she had a copy of the video, then how the hell did it get out?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

If the full video is to be made available commercially then both Blac Chyna and Mechie will have had to sign release documents. However even with the release documents, like many times before (we are looking at you Kim Kardashian), it doesn’t mean they won’t still claim they have no idea who released it and they are “victims”.

Merchie made this official statement about the sex take leak ……..

First off I really been chillin, working on my career. When the last incident happened I kept quiet and I stayed low key. But this time is now beneath me. I can’t believe any body would stoop this low. I stay in my lane. I don’t do the drama. I focus on my family, career .. just about to release my project and now I gotta deal with my dick plastered all over the world. You gotta be fckn kidding me.

Funny thing is, it’s not clear who the male is in the video. Only Blac Chyna’s face is obvious. Nobody would have known it was him had he just kept his mouth shut. That leads me to believe he’s full of shit in his protest. He outed himself so that means he wanted the attention.

Not gonna lie. The best part of the Blac Chyna sex tape was listening to Megan Rain talk about it. lol


217320cookie-checkWe found the Blac Chyna sex tape everyone is talking about. This you’ve gotta see!

We found the Blac Chyna sex tape everyone is talking about. This you’ve gotta see!

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  1. Wow like the list of men wanting to have sex with her plummeted . She is a dreadful partner with no sexual awareness . Wow

  2. I won’t be watching that Pornhub tube site video (I don’t want one of those $20,000 bills and a threat to sue from a copyright attorney and judging from past videos of this type Vivid likely owns the copyright to that video) but I never got the appeal of Blac Chyna. Besides not being able to spell she comes across as a skank. The chick isn’t attractive in the least and is annoying as hell — and didn’t earn her celeb status to boot, all she did is fuck a Kartrashian to get it.

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