What about Lea Lexis? @lealexisxxx

I think by now most people know I love awards season — totally my favorite time of the year. I really  love the red carpet pics and I always try and do several YouTube videos about the nominations and the winners,

But sometimes I get confused. I don’t understand how some of the things work, for example, the Hall of Fame inductees at AVN.

I know that you have to be in the industry for at least ten years and I get that. But some girls like Lea Lexis really stand out to me. She’s been in the industry since 2007, so that puts her at 13 years and overall she’s done like 700 scenes.

She’s been nominated for quite a few awards over the years and in 2016 even won the award for the Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

But 13 years later, she’s still not inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. Why?

Lea Lexis isn’t the only one. Audrey Hollander has been in the industry since 2002. That’s 18 years. She was even the 2006 AVN Female Performer of the Year. She’s been in like 500 movies, maybe more that aren’t listed at IAFD. How is she not yet in the AVN Hall of Fame?

Audrey Hollander

What determines who gets picked?

I’m not complaining. I’m honestly not. I’m just curious about what makes some people more worthy than others and I figured other people might be curious as well.

There are some top-notch performers who haven’t been inducted into the Hall of Fame and I am just a little curious as to what makes one person over another more worthy?

Is it just that there is a limit on how many can get inducted in a given year or is there something I’m missing?

Let’s go back to Lea Lexis. 13 years in the industry and 700 movies later. How is she not in the porn hall of fame?

Again I’m not implying those who were inducted don’t deserve it. Of course, they do. I really mean it. But I just don’t get why so many who are worthy like Lea Lexis haven’t yet gotten the honor?




546690cookie-checkWhat about Lea Lexis? @lealexisxxx

What about Lea Lexis? @lealexisxxx

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  1. I think a better headline would have been, damn son how many dicks ya gotta suck to get in the hall of fame? apparently 700 just isn’t enough lol

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