SHAME! AltPorn Awards names false rape accuser Leigh Raven ‘Performer of the Year’

Last night the AltPorn Awards “ceremony” was held at a bar in Hollywood. What happened there is absolutely revolting:

After nearly two months of shamelessly pandering for votes on Twitter, adult performer Leigh Raven, who LIED about being sexually and physically assaulted by a black man, was given an award by

Nanny cam video of her March 2018 video shoot proves that she publicly stated false information about specific events at the shoot, and that her claims of assault and abuse were untrue.

Leigh Raven is porn’s answer to Breana Rachelle Harmon, Sherita Dixon-Cole and Mayella Ewell wrapped up in one.

And just as bad, with her subsequent statements Raven and her wife Nikki Hearts have both undermined the concept of consent and gone out of their way to blur the difference between the portrayal of abuse and actual abuse; of race play and racism; of consensual rough sex and criminal interpersonal violence. They have referred to a film set where a scene that portrays abuse was filmed as an “abusive film set.”

Raven has assailed the essential underlying elements that make adult movie production possible.

THIS is who you name Performer of the Year, Really?

Vote-pandering narcissist Leigh Raven doesn’t even deserve a performer award for her on-camera defamation of her director and co-star, in the video created by her svengali wife Nikki Hearts.

SHAME! AltPorn Awards names false rape accuser Leigh Raven 'Performer of the Year'


In advance of the release of the nanny cam video that proved Raven was lying, her wife Nikki Hearts admitted that the video is exculpatory on its face, but said that doesn’t matter.

But if the video of what transpired should not be believed because Leigh Raven convincingly acted as if everything was fine, and laughed and joked around, in order to manipulate and “appease” the crew, then how were scene partner Rico Strong and director Just Dave to know that anything was wrong?

If Raven was lying and acting to hide her discomfort and terror, and was so good at it that it warranted a public statement to convince readers that Raven’s actions captured on the tape does not tell the real story, then what is the basis to claim that the people on set knew, or should have known, otherwise?

If behaving as though one consents, having a positive, cheerful demeanor, and refusing to take a director up on his offer to call for a ”cut” in the action if a boundary is overstepped, constitutes behavior that is not to be trusted or believed, then how could anyone on the set have known that she was (allegedly) distraught or experiencing intolerable discomfort?

And moreover, we ask: by the standard Hearts and Raven propose, what behavior would EVER constitute proof of “real” consent? What Hearts and Raven propound doesn’t merely attempt to rescind or invalidate consent, it un-defines consent as a concept.

Consent is not something one keeps only in one’s head. And it is most certainly not something one decides upon after the fact.

This is really serious, folks. In fact, it does not get any more serious than this, either in terms of porn and fetish production, or in the broader cultural realm.

Never again

We were pleased to present the list of AltPorn Awards nominees here on, but it’s a mistake we shall not repeat.

That a company which would not exist were it not for adult performers should give an award to woman who LIED about being sexually assaulted by an adult performer of color is mind-blowing.

And the notion that a company such as MyFreeCams should underwrite this atrocity only adds insult to injury. Shame of you, AltPorn Awards, and shame on MyFreeCams for your role in this.

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SHAME! AltPorn Awards names false rape accuser Leigh Raven ‘Performer of the Year’

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  1. Unfortunately a fair vote-based awards contest wouldn’t yank an award for any reason. It would undermine the integrity of the award process. However, I agree that Leigh (and her skank-wife Nikki who was also nominated) need to be run out of the industry on a rail. I am a hard one to convince that someone is lying about being sexually assaulted but the full nanny-cam video was more than enough to do so. If anything the skank twins should reimburse Rico for the lost work, it is my understanding that he didn’t work for over a month while he and his handlers were trying to convince producers that Leigh and Nikki were bold-faced liars and that no assault of any type took place on that set. Sam’s and Voice’s articles and the posting of that nanny-cam video probably saved Rico from a lifetime of harassment and his career. I wonder if a civil lawsuit against the skank twins for defamation of character is a reasonable option. Probably not, they look like they spend every last dime they get on meth or heroin but they should lose more than their porn performing careers for what they did to Rico and Dave! Theoretically the county district attorney could prosecute Leigh for filing a (knowingly) false police report but if she doesn’t already have an extensive criminal record she would probably get a $5000 fine and summary probation for it which in California isn’t much punishment. Unless Nikki had a hand in the actual filing of the false police report she is likely criminally in the clear and cannot be legally sanctioned in the criminal justice system for what she did. What fucking skanks, I would give them the suck my dick insult but I don’t want my dick to split Leigh’s tongue any farther, they probably wouldn’t get it, they are so ugly that I couldn’t get it up to them anyway but they probably would take me seriously and actually try to suck my dick with their (likely) VD ridden throats!!!!!!!!!!

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