How is this not racist?

So you can have an award for the top “black” cam chick and nobody thinks that’s just a tiny bit racist?



299010cookie-checkHow is this not racist?

How is this not racist?

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2 Responses

  1. That’s some bullshit right there. If you are going to have a top black chick then you need to also have a top white, top latina and top asian.

  2. For the record, Ms. Hot Ass has Asian eyes. Her face is a mix of black and Asian so technically she is both the top black and top Asian web cammer. She hails from Columbia but her face is definitely a black and Asian mix, the Asian is clear as day in her slanted eyes. Now they only need a best Latina chickie for Best Latina Cammer. While they are at it, they need a top Inuit, top Arab, top American Indian/First Nations and top Indian-Pakistanian. You see how ridiculous this racist line gets?

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