Dogfart tells @xbiz to fuck off

When I was reading the comments on my first post on this site and boy did that stir up a shitstorm, I saw that Dogfart had tweeted out something about the xbiz awards.

Why nobody is talking about this is beyond me. It’s the most epic fuck you twitter rant I’ve seen in a long time.

Fuck The ultimate slap in the face to us & all the amazing talent we shoot. Weve been doing this 22 years, shot 160 scenes last year, & not ONE NOMINATION. LOL. I guess they nominate scenes based on production costs instead of talent chemistry. DISGUSTING.

22 years of paying out affiliates weekly and they can’t even nominate us for that? LOL. has been shooting for 20 years and he doesn’t even get a nomination because we don’t buy ads? give us 10+ nominations EVERY YEAR.

It’s worth noting Dogfart did get 15 nominations from AVN.

But damn not everyone can win an award. If they gave them out to everyone, what would be the point?

193060cookie-checkDogfart tells @xbiz to fuck off

Dogfart tells @xbiz to fuck off

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  1. I wonder whether Billy wrote these tweets himself or if his secretary did. I get the frustration but I don’t know if it is productive to immediately respond with a Twitter excoriation over not being nominated. If someone at Dogfart thinks the XBiz Awards are rigged that is fair but send it to Kelly, Mike South or some other known adult industry journalist for investigation — don’t just go off and (unfortunately) sound like a sore loser. Kelly has done such investigations before, I think she would love to expose another rigged awards show if she can defensibly do so.

  2. I don’t know. Can’t honestly say I know the man. It’s not really a genre I follow and quite honestly the name of the company kind of says everything I need to know about them.

    What I can say is though, a person is judged by the company they keep. Maybe someone in their company that represents them left a bad taste in the mouths of the folks over at xbiz.

    Something they may want to consider.

  3. AVNs have long been rumored to be rigged, those companies that pay the most for advertising seem to get most of the nominations. Those that don’t pay get Nada.

  4. I used to think that too and maybe long ago they might have but I can tell you this, it would be harder to rig AVN than any other simply because they have so many voters involved in the process, even many from outside sources, so it would be hard to rig that. Not saying impossible, but overall I think AVN’s system is most fair.

  5. Pierre Woodman said on his forum he used to get nominated every year for the AVNs and he paid advertising fees to AVN. He stopped advertising in AVN and didn’t ever get nominated ever again.

  6. But then the question is, did he continue to submit himself for nominations? That’s the thing that a lot of the girls don’t understand – noms aren’t just some random thing. People have to put in the work to submit those nominations.

    I can’t tell you without a doubt that I’ve never spent a dime advertising at AVN and the girls I work with have been nominated for a total of 21 nominations this year. I’m not trying to take credit for their hard work obviously – but they wouldn’t have gotten those noms if they didn’t have someone like me sitting there at the computer going through their titles one by one, submitting them during the pre-nom period.

    AVN is also a business, so I’m sure some special consideration is given to those who pay to advertise with them, but I really can tell you for 100% fact a lot of it also comes down to just getting submitted in the first place.

    If you don’t submit yourself to be nominated or have your people do it, then you have VERY VERY VERY little chance of getting nominated.

    This is really the case with porn stars, so maybe the movie categories are different, but where performers are concerned girls freak out about not getting nommed and you talk to them only to find out their names were never submitted. 😛

  7. Hello All! I don’t get around to making public comments much, but I feel this needs to be addressed. I can see where we may come off as “sour grapes”. Makes sense. Now, I may get into a little trouble with my boss here, so here goes: I really didn’t care about any noms on the creative side of the industry. I really don’t. My anger came with what’s way more important: the business side of all this …and specifically the three different categories slated for affiliate programs of the year.

    The Dogfart Network might be the oldest affiliate program still standing in the history of online, adult entertainment. That’s a big statement. It’s certainly in the top three. He’s been paying out affiliates since 1996, bi-weekly, and haven’t missed a payment. Nor, in an industry full of rubber-checks, has a Dogfart check ever been returned. This includes the “glory days” when an affiliate could make $20,000 monthly. ..and a few did. There were more affiliates in the $3000 – $10,000-per-month range, and not once did he stiff them. Or pay late.

    The lack of a nomination from a publication touting itself as a “business” journal for the industry? On such an objective variable? Come on. And I’ll say it once more: I don’t care about the subjective, but if you ask any of the thousands (tens of thousands?) of affiliates who have promoted Blacks on Blondes over the past 22 years (as well as the other 23 sites currently available to his subscribers (oh…which, by the way, none have ever missed or posted a tardy update)) and I’d have to say that X-Biz, an “Industry Source”, might want to reevaluate their publication’s slug line.

  8. I get you and your other management staff’s frustration at XBiz not nominating you even once for some sort of award. On its face I think the possibility that XBiz awards are not impartially awarded and there may be some sort of graft or other preferential nominations and actual awarding going on is something for a qualified investigative journalist to look into. Whomever actually made that Twitter post I just saw it as counterproductive and making your company’s/employer’s position sound like “sour grapes” than a legitimate issue. A better tact would have been to contact Kelli and explain the situation so she could investigate it and either confirm the situation or report what was actually going on. I think she would have relished the opportunity to possibly uncover dishonest motives affecting the XBiz awards.

    As for you having a “boss”, my impression was you were the “boss” at Dogfart (as in the owner and CEO as well as the scene director). Since I had that impression I think most adult film viewers thought that as well. With that in mind you may have received some guff that was misdirected. I apologize if I contributed to that.

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