Will Cardi B show up at the AVN Awards Show Tomorrow?

3 hours after her scheduled time to do the private concert for the MFC girls tonight, Cardi B was still a no show.

She did eventually show up for her scheduled MyFreeCams event, but was over 3 hours late. Here is proof that she did show up for the MFC concert.

332480cookie-checkWill Cardi B show up at the AVN Awards Show Tomorrow?

Will Cardi B show up at the AVN Awards Show Tomorrow?

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  1. she did finally show up to the avn awards show on Saturday night but she was like an hour /hour and a half late which delayed the start of the whole show but hey at least she showed up

  2. If Cardi B was really an hour and a half late and didn’t have a damn good reason she should be blackballed from future industry functions. What a fucking bitch to hold up the AVN Awards in that manner. That probably put the show lasting until well after midnight — and most attendees needed to go to after show parties that were forced into the wee hours of the morning by this bullshit! I am willing to host the 2020 AVN awards for expenses, a paid first class flight to and from Vegas, transportation while in Vegas, meals, a new suit, hotel room and admission to the AVN convention for all days held and $500. I bet I am cheaper than Cardi B. The $500 is payable upon arrival so I can go blow it on the blackjack tables.

  3. This kind of behavior with celebs isn’t anything new. It happens all the time and just something you tend to have to put up with when it comes to stars — sadly.

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