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MY sources are buzzing it’s something big!

Heidi Joy Pike is GONE I’m ytold, that in and of itself may or may not be interesting but I’m hearing there’s a bigger story and nobodys talkin…yet..


JimmyD Writes:

i’ll dance and strip down to a “g” string with wank punter & co. at the whiskey. i’ll even tape my… oh. nevermind. you want girls, huh.

Well JimmyD it came down to you or Mia Rose and after careful consideration we chose Mia, because 1. She is a lot hotter than you and 2. on the off chance it gets me a blowjob ….well I’d way rather have it from Mia than from you…no offense.

The Goddess of Oddness Writes:

when AREN’T your updates sporadic? *na na*

“Changing the world, one trailer court at a time.”

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What’s Up At AVN:

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